Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week 40 and a "Camping" Trip

OK, before you freak out thinking, "What??? Emily actually went camping?!?", let me clarify. We spent the weekend in a cabin (with air conditioning, running water, a fridge, etc.) at Western Hills Guest Ranch at Sequoyah State Park. We went with my cousin Tiffany, her husband, and their daughter Julia who is a month older than Caleb. It was a fun weekend: the guys golfed in the rain on Saturday, we ate at the self-proclaimed "Best Mexican Food Restaurant" in Wagoner, played Catch Phrase and Scattegories, enjoyed a Perfect Ron (my uncle's signature drink), and did lots of baby-watching as Caleb and Julia played together and explored the cabin. For the record, we did stroll down to the fishing dock and saw some deer, so that definitely counts as communing with nature, right? Here are some fun pictures of the kiddos playing together. Aaron was quite concerned when Caleb picked up Julia's baby doll but decided it was OK when Caleb immediately started chewing on her toes (guess we know why he's doing that to his friends in class now!).

To backtrack to the beginning of the week, Caleb did not have a stellar week at school. I think part of it was the tooth that's still coming in and part of it stemmed from being home 5 days straight with us because of the long weekend. He was having trouble napping (welcome to my world) but his teachers and other co-workers of mine that would peek in kept saying, "He's surprisingly happy for as little sleep as he's had". I can't decide if I am over analyzing everything that I'm told or if he really is the problem child. Probably the former but I still can't help worrying about it. Hopefully this week will go more smoothly, though he has perfected his tantrum-throwing over the last week. It's now complete with arching back, throwing head backward, screeching/screaming. We've heard that we should just ignore it, so we're trying that. He still loves to snuggle and cuddle up with you; those times are even more special now that he's on the move and has these 'outbursts' when he doesn't get his way. Oh, growing pains!

Caleb had a blast on Thursday morning when I made muffins for the trip. They are made of a spice cake mix, a can of pumpkin, and water so there's no raw egg or anything in it. I let Caleb lick the beater and he loved it! He actually didn't make too much of a mess and it kept him busy for quite awhile.

I'll keep it short (short for me, at least) since I have laundry and more unpacking to do. You might notice that Caleb was wearing his Chiefs outfit in his 40 week picture. After the game they played today, maybe that's why Caleb was a bit moody. Think it's going to be a long year for my NFL team. But on the bright side, OU is kickin' booty!! Aaron just showed me that they're ranked 3rd in the AP poll. BOOMER SOONER!!

Have a great week!