Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 50- Under the Weather (Again)

Poor little fella woke up with a low-grade fever Wednesday morning, which I attributed to teething since his one-year molars are getting thisclose to coming in. If it hadn't been a totally necessary day for me to be at work, I would have just stayed home but we had several big projects I had to finish up. So off to school we went, then around lunchtime Caleb's teacher found me and told me his temperature was around 103. Yuck! I picked him up from class and he hung out with me for awhile until Aaron could come get him. I knew he was feeling badly because he just sat in my lap while I worked. If he was up to par, he would have been all over the place, exploring every nook and cranny.

Aaron picked him up and hung out at home with him while I wrapped things up then I took him to the doctor. Caleb was diagnosed with ear infections and a respiratory 'bug'. Instead of 10 days' worth of oral antibiotics, they were able to give him one shot. He wasn't very happy with that shot but it's much better than trying to get him to take medicine multiple times a day for over a week. He was still feeling badly Wednesday night but was much improved Thursday morning. His only continuing issue is runny diapers, which might be a result of the high-powered antibiotic?? Here's a shot of him passed out in his high chair. He never snuggles with a blanket- another sign that he wasn't feeling 100%.

The big projects I was conquering at work were part of Visiting Day that happened on Friday. It's an annual event where family members come to campus with the students to tour, watch a school program, eat lunch, etc. I had several marketing pieces that had to be complete in time for the event. Even though Caleb was a little under the weather, we had a fun time seeing his friends from class and their families.

Here are some cute pics from throughout the week, including one of Caleb toddling around the house like a dork with his onesie and dark socks on (reminds me of a neighbor we had growing up that would mow his yard in dark dress socks and shorts), posing with a new hat and mitten set (he loved it; can't you tell), and passed out at our friends' house during the OU game (I wanted to cover my eyes too!!).

Friday night I headed to OKC for my friend Mandy's birthday party. It was a blast!! It was at an aerobics studio that teaches lots of different classes. The class we took was for pole dancing :) Don't worry, it wasn't "skanky", it was a lot of fun and a great workout. I am seriously bruised and sore. I think I am going to try to put together a group of girls from here to go after the holidays, so let me know if you're interested. Below are a few pictures, including one of the birthday girl inverted on the pole. (I had no skills so didn't even attempt it!).

For my weekly football recap, I really thought my Chiefs might pull out a miracle today against the Colts and, you gotta hand it to them, they did much better than expected. And I don't even want to talk about those Sooners. Yikes! We had a fun party with some friends but did decide we can't watch any other games at their house as it might be bad luck.

And, my friend Nicole's brother passed away last night. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, especially with the holidays coming up.
We are heading to Kansas City on Thursday for our annual Thanksgiving holiday with Dad's side of the family. Plaza lights here we come. Gobble gobble, everyone!!


Ethel said...

Hey Em, sign me up for the pole class, I'm sure your Mom will want to be included too ;) Sorry Caleb was feeling yucky. Travel safely
Happy T-day 2 U & Yours