Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change Change Change!

When you don't blog for three weeks, you can look back over the pictures taken in that time and note lots of changes that have happened in just that short span. In this blog installment, you'll see changes in Miss Harper's growth and development, changes in the weather, and changes in our address -- yeah!!

We got another big snow/ice storm a few weeks back, but as quickly as it came, it warmed up so we could actually play outside.

Harper all bundled up.

Apparently Lightening McQueen loves the snow too.

Mowing the snow (note sippy cup and Lightening along for the ride)

Here's Mr. GQ in his Sunday best.

Harper is already working the pouty lip. It's so cute, you can't help but laugh.

The weather warmed up enough for us to make use of our Zoo Pass (thanks G-Dad and Grandma). Caleb's friend Owen met us there and they had a great time. The zoo was virtually empty and the weather was wonderful.

Harper enjoyed the zoo too (this is my new favorite pic of her).

Not too many pictures were taken in the last 10 days or so as we prepared for the big move. Has anyone seen Caleb??

As we emptied the freezer I found a loaf of yummy banana bread my Aunt Debbie had given us last fall. We defrosted it and it was a HUGE it with Caleb. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner...any time was a great time for "Aunt Debbie bread". Hint hint to Aunt Debbie who heads to OK again this weekend!!

Friday night was the first night in the new house. Here's our empty old house (we close tomorrow).

And here's the empty new house. We can't put anything on the wood floors for two weeks. Guess that gives us an excuse for not having any living room furniture picked out (or office, or formal dining, etc.)

As you might have noticed in the last picture, Caleb has discovered Little Einsteins and LOVES them. Here's him going along with the characters as they help make Rocket go "Presto...superfast!"

There's a lock on the new fridge that keeps Caleb from dispensing ice or water. Guess the manufacturer didn't think about a way to keep toys out of the tray :)

This is finally starting to feel like home. We unpack more boxes each day and I'm actually taking this week and next off of work to get things organized around here. It was very strange to be kid-free today. A HUGE thanks to Aaron's parents who came in town for the last 10 days to help us get moved; we could not have done it without you!!

Happy birthday to my sister, who will celebrate her 26th this weekend. Who knows when I'll blog again so I wanted to give an advanced shout-out.

Congrats to my friend Carrie, who welcomed Baby Gage last week as well. This makes 4 kiddos for her; don't know how she does it!!

Hope all is well with you. Have a great week!