Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Midweek Fun

Well, this work week was not nearly as crazy and stressful as last week but it was still pretty busy, so I am glad to be on my "Caleb days" now. Who knew that revising personnel policies could be so much work!?! I feel like I am an expert in FMLA leave, vacation days vs. personal days, etc. now.

Caleb had a great week at the babysitter. I think he really missed the interaction with her and her girls. I know they were excited to have him back over at their house for part of the week. Caleb and Miss Amy made his first piece of refrigerator art on Tuesday. It is an Easter Bunny made from his footprint and with the eyes and nose from his thumbprint. It is now proudly displayed right in the middle of the fridge.

It has been raining off and on this week so yesterday evening Caleb and I went on the back porch to check out the small puddles. He didn't have any socks on so I let him put his feet down in the water. I was explaining to him how water can let you make footprints on the concrete (don't you know our neighbors love these random one-way conversations with an infant!). I got out the camera to snap a picture of his footprint without realizing I'd get my prints too. It's kinda hard to see but I thought it was neat.

He is still really enjoying his Bebe Pod chair. It is great to have him in the kitchen with me while I'm getting dinner ready or doing the dishes. However, he does get bored after awhile. His grip on toys isn't all that great yet so anything I give him quickly ends up on the floor, frustrating him even more. I was digging through his toy chest and found a toy with a suction cup on the bottom that's meant for a high chair tray. It rotates around like a ferris wheel and makes noise. I stuck it on the center of the chair and as you can see, Caleb had a different idea about what to do with the toy.

Aaron is working late (again) tonight and Caleb is in bed so I am going to have some "me" time and read a silly romance novel. Yeah! And Caleb and I are meeting Heidi at In the Raw tomorrow to celebrate our birthdays. It's been a LONG time since I've had sushi and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me (oh, and Caleb is 16 weeks)!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday and it is funny to me how birthdays just aren't a big deal anymore. Aaron, Caleb, and my parents all did a great job in making it special, don't get me wrong. But I can remember barely being able to fall asleep the night before my birthday when I was little. Guess that's a tribute to my parents and how big of a deal they made me think I was.

It was a great day- we stayed in our PJs until midmorning, went to Red Robin for lunch then I went to Jennifer Berry's wedding shower (along with around 70 other people). I guess if you are a former Miss America you have a lot of people to invite to a shower. It was a very nice event but I'll admit I did sneak out early to get back home to "my boys". While I was at the shower, Aaron and Caleb went grocery shopping and had made a cake for me. My parents came over and we grilled out. It was a nice, laid back evening. Thanks to all who sent e-cards, emails, snail mail cards, or called.

It was a crazy week as our babysitter was out of town for Spring Break. Now you might think that, because I work at a school, I would be off for Spring Break. Not the case. I was actually up at school much more than usual trying to finish updating and proofing things and sending a big print job through our printer. Caleb was bounced all over the place for the week- Aaron stayed home one morning, my mom came over to our house, Caleb went to my parents' house, and he spent a lot of time up at Riverfield with me. But he really rolled with the punches very well. Here's a picture of him dressed to go to grandma's house.

We are trying to make more of a habit of "tummy time". He really doesn't hate it so much anymore but you definitely don't want to try it when he's fussy or when he's just eaten, so it's a tricky finding a good time. He is "supposed" to be rolling over by 4 months, which is about 10 days away so he needs to get with the program- ha! Here's a picture of him actually enjoying some time on his tummy. He is getting better about pushing up on his arms.

Also to promote rolling over, we've been laying him out on a blanket with all sorts of toys around him, trying to get him to roll from side to side. He really enjoys it but prefers to stay flat on his back and let you bring the fun toys to him :)

I was very remiss in not taking very many pictures this week. Between working more than usual and preparing for our orientation for Miss OK's Outstanding Teen on Saturday, I was swamped. Yes, that's right, pageant season is upon us. We have 31 great teen contestants this year. So from here on out, my time will be spent making copies, printing ballots, etc. We were up at ORU all day Saturday and I was totally pooped by the end of the day. When I was whining to Aaron he said, "you know you love it" and I really do. I will be sure to keep you guys updated on the 'pageant scene' through June, when the Miss and Teen pageants take place. Caleb actually spent the morning up at ORU with me, meeting and flirting with all sorts of pretty girls. Didn't grab any pictures though, sorry.

I share my birthday with a good friend and co-director of the Teen pageant, Heidi. Though we are separated by a few years, we are great friends and pretty much share a brain when it comes to all this pageant stuff. So, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEIDI!".

Monday, March 19, 2007

Week 15- Can Hardly Believe It

I don't know why but 15 weeks old sounds so old! That - combined with the fact that we switched to Size 3 diapers yesterday and that we visited a friend and her tiny 3 week old - is making me realize how big Caleb is getting. It is so exciting but sad too. More and more of my favorite of his outfits are going into the bin of outgrown clothes. We already need a new bin :(

It was a good week. I had to stop by work on Wednesday and Friday so Caleb got to come with. He was quite the little smiling flirt on Wednesday but more sleepy/cranky on Friday. I took him by the classroom he'll be in next fall and showed him around. I'm sure he'll remember it come August when school starts (yeah right).

We went on walks 4 days last week. It feels so good to get out and about. I have found, however, that there's a delicate balance between keeping Caleb warm and out of the wind but not too toasty. Several days we left his pants at home but had a blanket to cover up just in case. And, I learned on the internet that you're not supposed to put sunscreen on babies under 6 months old. So I got out a really cute little fisherman's hat (thanks cousins Jill and Mary) to keep his little face shaded.

You've already seen the pictures of Caleb and Miss America at the airport. The big event of the weekend was a Homecoming Gala Dinner and Revue on Friday night. It was definitely "adults only" so Caleb stayed home with all four grandparents. Yep, that's right. My parents had agreed that they wouldn't attend the Gala so they could babysit and then Aaron's parents ended up being in town so all 4 watched him. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall! At one point, they took him on a walk around the neighborhood- 4 grandparents, one Caleb, our two dogs, and Aaron's parents lab. Wouldn't that have been a sight to see!

Caleb discovered his tongue over the weekend. It started as a kind of buzzing "mmmppp" sound then evolved to a "bluuuuhhh" then an outright tongue sticking out. It is pretty hilarious, especially when you can get him to copy you, ie Aaron and me making ridiculous sounds in the camera to try to get Caleb to follow (see video below).
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Saturday was St. Patrick's Day and I didn't have a stitch of green in my closet to wear but Caleb had a totally perfect little outfit. We went to dinner Saturday evening with Aaron's parents and the Thorntons (Aaron's sister and fam). Caleb enjoyed the time with his cousins Addie and Jake.

Here's another video of Caleb's sweet silly faces. Pardon the semi-crazy camera work and my yucky didn't-know-I-was-on-camera outfit.

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I can't remember if I've bragged in the last month or so about how well Caleb had been sleeping but he isn't anymore. For the last week, regardless of if I go in and feed him a bit more right before I go to bed, he'll wake up between 3:30 and 5:00. And it's not a "put the paci in his mouth and he'll drift right back to sleep" thing either. It's a "change the diaper, rock him, feed him" thing. My new bad habit is to fall asleep in the rocker after he falls asleep. I really do think about getting up and putting him in the crib for about a millisecond then shut my eyes and drift off to sleep. This morning, my alarm in the bedroom is what woke me up. It is starting to take its toll at the end of the day, for sure.

I love the outfit in this next picture. It's also the one at the top of this post. I was very proud of myself for putting it together as it didn't actually come as a set. We added the long sleeve because it was cold when we headed to church Sunday morning and it really made the outfit. He was definitely the coolest kid in the "6 weeks to crawling" room of the nursery. This was of Dad and Caleb watching the b-ball tournament on TV.

Busy week this week as our babysitter is out of town for Spring Break but I am working. Poor Caleb is getting bounced all over town but was a good sport today. A big "thanks" to my parents for helping out with Caleb-coverage this week.

Bit of sad news: My Uncle Robbie (my dad's brother) passed away from ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease on Saturday morning. Though it was not unexpected, it is never easy to deal with a loss like that. Prayers for Dad and his siblings and for Robbie's wife and children.

Happy Spring Break to everyone, though it looks like it is going to rain all week here~

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celebrity Sighting- Miss America and Caleb

So we made it to the airport yesterday to meet Lauren's flight as she arrived in Tulsa for her big Homecoming weekend. It was so good to see her- she looks great and was so happy to be home. Because we were running late (imagine that!), she had already greeted most of the well wishers down closer to the gates and the group, including news reporters, etc. , was just heading down the corridor to the baggage claim when we were walking that way. Someone said, "Oh, it's Emily and the baby!" and Lauren came over and gave us a big hug. So then all the cameras shifted toward Caleb meeting Miss America for the first time. In fact, the Tulsa World reporter got a picture and asked me how to spell his name so we thought he might be famous and on the front this morning, but no. Oh well. He also got to meet Katie Harmon, Miss America 2002, who is in town for the festivities.
OK, off to run errands and get the house clean before the in-laws arrive.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 14 and It's Getting Warmer!

As the weather turns nicer, we are getting to spend some fun time outside. Caleb and I have been on several walks in the early afternoon and we went on a walk as a family (dogs included) on Saturday. It was almost hot then! We definitely need to find Caleb some sunglasses so he doesn't have to be hidden under the shade of the stroller all the time. Caleb also hung out on the porch while Dad grilled steaks on Friday night.

These pictures are Caleb enjoying an evening in the backyard. It was the first time he wore short sleeves outside and the first time his little tooties touched the grass. Notice how they're all clinched up, like he's not so sure about the prickly stuff touching his feet. (Please don't notice all the doggie poo in the yard; we are anxiously waiting for it to be lawn mowing weather so Aaron can just mow over it!)

Caleb also got to spend some quality time with Dad in the garage on Saturday afternoon. His chair is coming in very handy as it allows him to sit independently and get an "adult's eye view" of the world. He just watched Daddy walk around the garage cleaning up and organizing while Mommy was inside getting ready for the Riverfield annual auction. I went by myself since I had to work and didn't win anything but it was a fun and very successful fundraiser. Next year we hope to go with some of our Sunday School friends whose children will also be at Riverfield.

An update on mobility: Caleb is officially moving side to side, which supposedly is a precursor to rolling over. In fact, one night last week Caleb and I were home by ourselves and he was on his side grunting and growling and when I walked back in from the kitchen, he was on his belly. The dogs were right next to him so I am thinking that they pushed him on over the rest of the way, especially since I've tried to get him to do it again to no avail.

Oh, great news!! Caleb's babysitter will be able to watch him this summer too. When I originally asked her to watch him when I went back to work, she said she wouldn't be able to keep him for the summer since that's her special time with her girls. But now that she would only need to watch him two days a week (my mom will have him on Fridays), she said she would love to. HOORAY! He really enjoys being at their house and we feel totally comfortable with the situation so it all works out. He will go to Riverfield in the fall so that will be exciting.

Daylight Saving Time totally kicked out booties this morning so no church for us. It was a rainy cool day so no walks for us either. We just enjoyed some down time together. Here's a cute picture of Caleb taking a nap on my lap. I think the caption should be, "It's tough being me".

Busy week with Aaron's parent coming in town toward the end of the week and Lauren's Miss America Homecoming Gala on Friday night. Caleb and I will meet her plane on Wednesday afternoon so hopefully we'll have fun pictures to post from that. Off to bed to try to make up for losing an hour. Have a great week~

Friday, March 9, 2007

A New Trick- Adding Videos to the Blog

OK, so several of my blogging friends have video and I didn't want to be left out. I think I actually figured this out without Aaron's help (ha ha!).
This first one is of Caleb smiling and being his cute little self in his activity gym in early February. I don't see a way to edit the video to make it shorter so I'll just tell you that if you watch the first 30 seconds, you get the general idea.

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This next one is from last weekend, when Caleb went from watching the lights and toys on the bouncy seat to trying to grab at things. Think he might be right-handed? Again, first 30 seconds will pretty much get the point across (unless you're one of his grandparents...I'm sure they'll watch the whole thing!)

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OK, that's it for now but since I am now armed with the knowledge of posting prepared!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Three Months/13 Weeks

Saturday was Caleb's three month birthday and today he was 13 weeks old. I know, I know...I always say it but I can't believe how fast it has gone. My parents took Caleb (and Aaron and me) out for dinner last night to celebrate the big birthday. We went to a yummy Italian place in West Tulsa, just down from Riverfield. It is called Napoli's and there's one in Broken Arrow too at 81st and 145th. It was quite tasty, especially their rolls. Caleb was a cheap date and was very well behaved. So were his parents! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.

He is growing so fast. He's pretty much out of all his 3-6 month clothes already; we are trying to squeeze in at least one wear out of all his outfits before they go in the "too small" bin. This picture is of him in an outfit from Morgan's boyfriend's family. As you can see, he is still definitely liking the stretching thing. Notice the belly poking out the bottom of his shirt :)

This one is of Caleb in a cute Pooh outfit from a Sunday School friend. I will be the first to admit that I am not so crazy for the animated characters (Pooh, Disney stuff, etc) but this outfit is actually cute. The onesie underneath is shortsleeved so it will hopefully work as it gets warmer too. Pardon the Wubbanub- he was getting sleepy/fussy and it wouldn't have been a pretty picture without it.

This is a funny progression of a typical Walton family photo session. It starts out nice enough...

To encourage the smiles to keep on comin', I'll get close and snuggle up. (Notice the "Mom, what are you doing to me?" look).

Then it all goes to pot. He had had enough of the 3 month pictures at this point, can you tell?

He is really learning so many things. You can just watch his little wheels turning as he darts his head and eyes all over the place, trying to take it all in. This week he has started intentionally reaching out for things, like the hanging instruments on his bouncy seat, the animals and rattles on his activity gym, or even batting my hand away when I try to give him his stinky vitamin drops. In his bouncy seat, he vacillates between getting so excited, kicking around and laughing and furrowing his brow in concentration as he works at grabbing on to his guitar. Here's a picture of him all excited- I'm sure it's because he knew it was his 3 month birthday- ha!

Here's a shot of my little angel sleeping peacefully in his bouncy chair. I was working with the settings, trying to get a close up that was in focus. It worked OK, I guess. What the picture doesn't show is that a few minutes before, I had accidentally dropped my bath towel on his head as I reached to take it off the hook. It didn't phase him too much, as you can see.

I am not a proponent of co-sleeping on a regular basis. However, now that Caleb is getting a little bigger, I am not as worried about rolling over on him. On a few occasions, we've brought him into our bed in the early morning to nap with one of us as the other gets in the shower. I like pictures like this because, even though he is a mammoth baby, he's still just a little fella when you see him in our big bed.

Caleb and I also had our first experience at the piano this week. He sat on my lap and just watched my hands go up and down the keyboard. It was fun to play around with all the different instruments, since it's a digital. He also started reaching out, not really at the keys but at my hands and so he'd "go along for the ride" as we used to say in piano lessons. Aaron wasn't home but hopefully we'll do it again this week and he'll be there to get a photo.
As I posted earlier this week, I am not going to return full time to work. Tomorrow would have been the start of my first full week back. I am SOOOOOOO very thankful that this is not the case. I am sure there will be ups and downs and times when we question the decision, but we are so blessed to even be able to consider the option of my staying home part time. As my mom would say, "Yeah God!". And she would probably add a "PTL" (her shorthand for Praise the Lord) too.

Friday, March 2, 2007

HOORAY- I'm going to stay home part time!!

So after weeks of hemming and hawing and hours of discussing the pros and cons, the finances, etc. I have decided to stay home part time!!!!!! I spoke with the Head of School at Riverfield and it works out perfectly for them as well. It is nice to just have a decision made one way or the other. OK, off to run errands but wanted to share the good news :)