Sunday, March 4, 2007

Three Months/13 Weeks

Saturday was Caleb's three month birthday and today he was 13 weeks old. I know, I know...I always say it but I can't believe how fast it has gone. My parents took Caleb (and Aaron and me) out for dinner last night to celebrate the big birthday. We went to a yummy Italian place in West Tulsa, just down from Riverfield. It is called Napoli's and there's one in Broken Arrow too at 81st and 145th. It was quite tasty, especially their rolls. Caleb was a cheap date and was very well behaved. So were his parents! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma.

He is growing so fast. He's pretty much out of all his 3-6 month clothes already; we are trying to squeeze in at least one wear out of all his outfits before they go in the "too small" bin. This picture is of him in an outfit from Morgan's boyfriend's family. As you can see, he is still definitely liking the stretching thing. Notice the belly poking out the bottom of his shirt :)

This one is of Caleb in a cute Pooh outfit from a Sunday School friend. I will be the first to admit that I am not so crazy for the animated characters (Pooh, Disney stuff, etc) but this outfit is actually cute. The onesie underneath is shortsleeved so it will hopefully work as it gets warmer too. Pardon the Wubbanub- he was getting sleepy/fussy and it wouldn't have been a pretty picture without it.

This is a funny progression of a typical Walton family photo session. It starts out nice enough...

To encourage the smiles to keep on comin', I'll get close and snuggle up. (Notice the "Mom, what are you doing to me?" look).

Then it all goes to pot. He had had enough of the 3 month pictures at this point, can you tell?

He is really learning so many things. You can just watch his little wheels turning as he darts his head and eyes all over the place, trying to take it all in. This week he has started intentionally reaching out for things, like the hanging instruments on his bouncy seat, the animals and rattles on his activity gym, or even batting my hand away when I try to give him his stinky vitamin drops. In his bouncy seat, he vacillates between getting so excited, kicking around and laughing and furrowing his brow in concentration as he works at grabbing on to his guitar. Here's a picture of him all excited- I'm sure it's because he knew it was his 3 month birthday- ha!

Here's a shot of my little angel sleeping peacefully in his bouncy chair. I was working with the settings, trying to get a close up that was in focus. It worked OK, I guess. What the picture doesn't show is that a few minutes before, I had accidentally dropped my bath towel on his head as I reached to take it off the hook. It didn't phase him too much, as you can see.

I am not a proponent of co-sleeping on a regular basis. However, now that Caleb is getting a little bigger, I am not as worried about rolling over on him. On a few occasions, we've brought him into our bed in the early morning to nap with one of us as the other gets in the shower. I like pictures like this because, even though he is a mammoth baby, he's still just a little fella when you see him in our big bed.

Caleb and I also had our first experience at the piano this week. He sat on my lap and just watched my hands go up and down the keyboard. It was fun to play around with all the different instruments, since it's a digital. He also started reaching out, not really at the keys but at my hands and so he'd "go along for the ride" as we used to say in piano lessons. Aaron wasn't home but hopefully we'll do it again this week and he'll be there to get a photo.
As I posted earlier this week, I am not going to return full time to work. Tomorrow would have been the start of my first full week back. I am SOOOOOOO very thankful that this is not the case. I am sure there will be ups and downs and times when we question the decision, but we are so blessed to even be able to consider the option of my staying home part time. As my mom would say, "Yeah God!". And she would probably add a "PTL" (her shorthand for Praise the Lord) too.


Erin said...

Caleb is getting more and more precious!! Congrats on being able to work part-time...I'm sure you're thrilled!

Erin said...
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Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness has it really been 3 months? I'm pretty sure the next time we get together he is going to be bigger than Adalie. What a cutie patootie! No idea how to spell patootie by the way!