Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 14 and It's Getting Warmer!

As the weather turns nicer, we are getting to spend some fun time outside. Caleb and I have been on several walks in the early afternoon and we went on a walk as a family (dogs included) on Saturday. It was almost hot then! We definitely need to find Caleb some sunglasses so he doesn't have to be hidden under the shade of the stroller all the time. Caleb also hung out on the porch while Dad grilled steaks on Friday night.

These pictures are Caleb enjoying an evening in the backyard. It was the first time he wore short sleeves outside and the first time his little tooties touched the grass. Notice how they're all clinched up, like he's not so sure about the prickly stuff touching his feet. (Please don't notice all the doggie poo in the yard; we are anxiously waiting for it to be lawn mowing weather so Aaron can just mow over it!)

Caleb also got to spend some quality time with Dad in the garage on Saturday afternoon. His chair is coming in very handy as it allows him to sit independently and get an "adult's eye view" of the world. He just watched Daddy walk around the garage cleaning up and organizing while Mommy was inside getting ready for the Riverfield annual auction. I went by myself since I had to work and didn't win anything but it was a fun and very successful fundraiser. Next year we hope to go with some of our Sunday School friends whose children will also be at Riverfield.

An update on mobility: Caleb is officially moving side to side, which supposedly is a precursor to rolling over. In fact, one night last week Caleb and I were home by ourselves and he was on his side grunting and growling and when I walked back in from the kitchen, he was on his belly. The dogs were right next to him so I am thinking that they pushed him on over the rest of the way, especially since I've tried to get him to do it again to no avail.

Oh, great news!! Caleb's babysitter will be able to watch him this summer too. When I originally asked her to watch him when I went back to work, she said she wouldn't be able to keep him for the summer since that's her special time with her girls. But now that she would only need to watch him two days a week (my mom will have him on Fridays), she said she would love to. HOORAY! He really enjoys being at their house and we feel totally comfortable with the situation so it all works out. He will go to Riverfield in the fall so that will be exciting.

Daylight Saving Time totally kicked out booties this morning so no church for us. It was a rainy cool day so no walks for us either. We just enjoyed some down time together. Here's a cute picture of Caleb taking a nap on my lap. I think the caption should be, "It's tough being me".

Busy week with Aaron's parent coming in town toward the end of the week and Lauren's Miss America Homecoming Gala on Friday night. Caleb and I will meet her plane on Wednesday afternoon so hopefully we'll have fun pictures to post from that. Off to bed to try to make up for losing an hour. Have a great week~


Lisa said...

Emily, that baby is just adorable. I love Caleb's picture with his toes pulled away from the grass. The videos were just too cute. Thanks so much for doing this blog. We enjoy it soooo much! I can see your toddler face in his more and more with every posting.

I forgot to tell you when we saw you at Asbury that I met one of your coworkers - Beth who is engaged to ??? Fleming. His sister Paige was Kelsey's roommate last year. They were also friends at Jenks though she was in Matt's class. Beth was here at the lake house last weekend for Paige's bachelorette party.

Kimberly said...

Love these pictures! That boy is precious! Love the toes in the grass and that he was helping daddy in the garage. He looks so big and old!

Kristi Webster said...

Wow, Caleb looks so tired and really cute in the last picture. I guess he was pooped out from all the new tricks Mommy was teaching him! He is so precious!