Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me (oh, and Caleb is 16 weeks)!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday and it is funny to me how birthdays just aren't a big deal anymore. Aaron, Caleb, and my parents all did a great job in making it special, don't get me wrong. But I can remember barely being able to fall asleep the night before my birthday when I was little. Guess that's a tribute to my parents and how big of a deal they made me think I was.

It was a great day- we stayed in our PJs until midmorning, went to Red Robin for lunch then I went to Jennifer Berry's wedding shower (along with around 70 other people). I guess if you are a former Miss America you have a lot of people to invite to a shower. It was a very nice event but I'll admit I did sneak out early to get back home to "my boys". While I was at the shower, Aaron and Caleb went grocery shopping and had made a cake for me. My parents came over and we grilled out. It was a nice, laid back evening. Thanks to all who sent e-cards, emails, snail mail cards, or called.

It was a crazy week as our babysitter was out of town for Spring Break. Now you might think that, because I work at a school, I would be off for Spring Break. Not the case. I was actually up at school much more than usual trying to finish updating and proofing things and sending a big print job through our printer. Caleb was bounced all over the place for the week- Aaron stayed home one morning, my mom came over to our house, Caleb went to my parents' house, and he spent a lot of time up at Riverfield with me. But he really rolled with the punches very well. Here's a picture of him dressed to go to grandma's house.

We are trying to make more of a habit of "tummy time". He really doesn't hate it so much anymore but you definitely don't want to try it when he's fussy or when he's just eaten, so it's a tricky finding a good time. He is "supposed" to be rolling over by 4 months, which is about 10 days away so he needs to get with the program- ha! Here's a picture of him actually enjoying some time on his tummy. He is getting better about pushing up on his arms.

Also to promote rolling over, we've been laying him out on a blanket with all sorts of toys around him, trying to get him to roll from side to side. He really enjoys it but prefers to stay flat on his back and let you bring the fun toys to him :)

I was very remiss in not taking very many pictures this week. Between working more than usual and preparing for our orientation for Miss OK's Outstanding Teen on Saturday, I was swamped. Yes, that's right, pageant season is upon us. We have 31 great teen contestants this year. So from here on out, my time will be spent making copies, printing ballots, etc. We were up at ORU all day Saturday and I was totally pooped by the end of the day. When I was whining to Aaron he said, "you know you love it" and I really do. I will be sure to keep you guys updated on the 'pageant scene' through June, when the Miss and Teen pageants take place. Caleb actually spent the morning up at ORU with me, meeting and flirting with all sorts of pretty girls. Didn't grab any pictures though, sorry.

I share my birthday with a good friend and co-director of the Teen pageant, Heidi. Though we are separated by a few years, we are great friends and pretty much share a brain when it comes to all this pageant stuff. So, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEIDI!".


Kristi Webster said...

He is getting so big. He is so cute! Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you are going to be soooo busy with the pageant stuff but you always have fun. Happy Early Easter!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! I thought of you in church this Sunday but my stupid mommy brain let it slip right out of my head until now! URGH! SOOOO SORRY!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and I"m calling you tomorrow!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Heather said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!