Friday, April 24, 2009

Snow, Goat Vote, Easter, and...oh...A Wedding

Part of the problem with waiting so long between posts is that it takes forever to sort through pics and decide which ones make the cut. I have four weeks' worth of photos to go through and many of them are quite cute, if I do say so. Here's the last month's wrap up:

We had a semi-random big snow. It was perfect for snowballs and snowmen though we didn't do either. Caleb insisted on going out on the porch to check it out...and was then miserable when I couldn't get his soaked feet out of his pjs fast enough!

This is a sneak peek for events featured later but Harper's dress for Easter and my sister's wedding came in and I had to get a few shots of her in it. There's a Bumbo seat under her but it really is a poofy dress.

You may have noticed the pink chair in the "week picture" looks similar to the denim one used frequently in our posts for the last few years. Caleb's Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair got a new look- a hot pink cover for Harper. And he got an upgrade- a big new red chair.

I also got to spend some quality time with my friend Kim. She was in town and Harper and I joined her and James for dinner. Though I am sure Caleb and Adalie would have had a blast together, it is amazing how much more "catching up" you can do when there aren't 2 two-year-olds competing for your attention.
Here's Caleb's version of "Row Row Row Your Boat". Disclaimer, they did teach this at school but he had to change it up a bit to add his spoon into the lyrics.

The true start to Miss OK season begins with Contestants Day. It was in Tulsa in early April. Harper joined me for the day's activities and, like her brother, got her picture taken with Lauren Nelson, a former Miss America! the first of many pageant events for Miss H, but I swear I am not going to be some crazy pageant mom.

Here's a funny video of Caleb running around in a trailer at Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC. Aaron, his parents, and Caleb all traveled up there to get our new furniture. Long day but totally worth it...we now have a sofa to sit on!!!!

Harper turned 4 months on April 9th. She did great with her immunizations. She weighed in at 16 pounds and 25 1/4 inches long. Our big girl is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes now. To celebrate her 4 months, she decided to roll over. She had been working on it really hard for several weeks and finally made it over. Looking back at the blog archives, Caleb rolled over at 4 months and 2 days. Of course, we have his first roll overs on video and we've yet to capture Harper's. She is so fast at it that you can barely set her down and she's flopped over. We could have started Harper on cereal when she turned 4 months and we've had it in the pantry for awhile but have been so buys that we've yet to give it a try. She is super interested in eating though and gives us these big eyes when she watches us eat anything.
The Saturday before Easter we ventured out to a local church that had advertised an egg hunt with over 50,000 eggs. It was very well organized and lots of fun. Here is Caleb waiting for his age group's hunt to begin.
Caleb and I took off hunting quickly. Or, more aptly, I hurried Caleb along, encouraging him to wait and see what was actually in the eggs when we were finished instead of stopping after each egg.
I also attempted to have Caleb pick up more than just the green eggs. As noted in the picture, he was only on the lookout for green ones (the pink and orange ones are two that I added to his basket when he wasn't looking). I get that he loves green ("Mama, green is my very favorite.") but at what point does this become OCD :)

As we continue to settle in the house, there are things that just don't have a good place yet. One of them is my jewelry organizer. It is on a hanger and we've put it on the end of a hanging rod in the closet. Unfortunately, it is perfect position for Caleb to get into it. Here he is trying on all my bracelets.

We determined that we would go to 8:00 Easter Service to avoid the crowds at 11:00 and so we could do an egg hunt and lunch without totally wrecking Caleb's nap time. Unfortunately, this meant getting everyone up at an insanely early hour of the morning. Plus it was pouring down rain and really cold. Here is Caleb's cheery Easter morning:

He perked up a bit after some milk and getting the goodies out of his Easter basket. He then "assisted" Harper in getting her items out of her basket.

Our Sunday School class had a family breakfast potluck on Easter morning. Everyone came in totally bedraggled but no worse for the wear. Many of us decided that we deserved a mimosa or bloody mary after the struggle to get a family put together, egg hunt ready, baskets loaded, get through the downpour, and get to church. Our friend Alissa got this halfway decent pic of our family.

After church we went to my parents' house for lunch with Aaron's parents and my parents. Because of the weather, the hunt was inside. Those that have followed the blog for several years will be interested to know this was the first year that Aaron, Mo, and I did not hunt. Maybe it was because Caleb was old enough to grasp the concept or maybe because I was just so distracted and exhausted by getting to kiddos ready, etc. that I knew I wouldn't stand a chance, but I wasn't really sad to see the tradition go.

Harper is more and more fun and personable. She didn't go to the sitter last week (thanks to all that helped pinch-hit for 3 days) and this week Amy commented how much she had changed in just a few days.

I knew that I had a photo of Caleb in a big bed at about the same age/stage, so I captured this one of Miss H. Think they're related??

The babysitter's girls tell her all the time how much more Harper enjoys her tummy time than Caleb ever did. He HATED it but she really seems to enjoy sticking her neck out as far and high as she can and taking everything in. (And, yes, we've upgraded to the next size of bow!)

I think I've posted before about Caleb's class working on an investigation to name some new goats in the Riverfield barnyard. They came up with a big list of names, other Pre-School classes helped narrow down the list, they made campaign posters and ballot boxes. Then the whole school came by their playground to cast their votes. On Friday, the Frog class held a big Name Reveal Ceremony, with much of the school in attendance. The winners were Pluto, Pickles, Nibbles, Cupcake, and Belvedere. After the naming, Caleb's class hung around for snack. Most of the toddlers were more interested in feeding their snack to the goats.

Belvedere was the name given to the baby goat born about a month ago. Isn't he cute!?!

Miss Coulter is one of Caleb's teachers. Many times on trips out to the barnyard, she will fetch (or attempt to fetch) Belvedere so the children can pet him. Only because she is a friend and co-worker do I feel obligated to post this funny video of her trying to corner the baby goat!

Success! Coulter catches the goat and the Frogs are so excited to shower him with affection.

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for my sister's wedding. It was pretty chilly and very windy so the rehearsal for the outdoor wedding was short and sweet. Dinner was at Brian's family's church and was tasty. It was the first time Caleb and Harper got to see their cousins, who were mostly all in the same outfit from Children's Place. Here are Caleb and Quinn cheesing for the camera. I think Quinn thought it was going to be a still photo since we take video on our digital camera.

There are four two-year-olds in our extended family. Here are Ada, Julia, and Caleb having fun jumping around

This is the crew from my dad's side of the family. I wish we had video of all the adults attempting to corral them and then get them to all look at the camera. It was pretty funny and not very successful but you get the general idea of how cute our kids are.

Harper and her Dadda. She loves me but she really lights up when she sees Aaron.

I am sure there will be lots of pictures posted on the official photographer's site ( but for now, here's a shot of Morgan's wedding courtesy of my cousin Chelsea. It was sprinkling for a good part of the ceremony itself but cleared up just as the minister said, "You may kiss the bride." It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. Congrats to Mo and Brian!!

I know this has been a novel and I really will try to do shorter posts more often. Now that our office furniture is in, we hope to move all my "stuff" downstairs and onto a new laptop that will hopefully make blogging easier. On the other hand, the wii fit that Aaron gave me for my birthday is now installed and we've been spending ample time on that too. I'll give it my best shot.
Have a great week!!