Sunday, November 12, 2006

First Post

OK, so Kim (or Kimberly as she calls herself these days) has been helpfully suggesting that I get this blog started for several months. I held off but one of my last "to dos" before Caleb comes is set up some sort of website or posting for pictures. Then Betsy set one up on the same sight and I had to be part of the in crowd. It is late tonight but I will work on getting some pictures up of the nursery and my big ol' belly soon.

It is hard to believe that we are 36 weeks along. Technically we have until December 6th until our due date but everyone (my mom, friends at work, etc.) seems to think I'll go into labor before that. This week is the Book Fair at school and I've been told I'm not allowed to have Caleb until after the Book Fair is over and pack up. We go to the doctor on Wednesday and will get an update. I'll be sure and let everyone know what we're told.

I am realizing the problem with this blogging thing is that I can ramble and ramble...YIKES! OK, really quitting now.


Ethel said...

Hang in there Em. You are strong and brave and YOU CAN DO THIS.
Love & Prayers

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly how you feel. Both of my girls were completely content to stay in where it was warm and cozy but felt they could wiggle around as much as they wanted and complain about the space allowed for their activities (that part didn't change much after they arrived and grew up). It makes for some uncomfortable waiting. Lots of prayers are with you all. Auntie Beth (Beth McC.)