Tuesday, December 18, 2007

OK, This Week in Review (just a day late)

So last Sunday I ended my post wishing for no school so I could catch up on holiday baking and housework. Well, I got the no school part (through Thursday actually) but the power went as well so I didn't quite accomplish everything I'd hoped for. We truly had it "easy" considering that we still have friends and co-workers without electricity 8 days later. Our lights went off early Monday morning literally seconds after I got the call that we didn't have school, and came back on mid-afternoon on Tuesday. We just camped out in the main living areas of the house around the gas logs. Here's a shot of Caleb napping on the pallette I created in the middle of the living room.

Caleb has taken a real liking to brushing his teeth and hair lately, so much that it is hard to pry the brushes out of his hands :) He also can tell you what a dog says ("Woof") and a monkey says ("Eee Eee Eee"). And he is getting more and more steady on his feet as he toddles around.

Thursday we met some friends, most of whom were still without power at that point, at Utica Square to take pictures with Santa. Only Ariana's was really good and that's because she's too young to pitch a fit :) Here's Caleb's great photo op:

A big deal this week was the transition to the forward-facing car seat. He's been big enough (20 pounds) forever but you are supposed to wait until they weigh enough and turn one and we just hadn't gotten to it yet. Friday was his first trip facing the new direction and he loved it. And I like that I can actually see his face if he's sleeping, coughing, etc. I did have to lose the behind-the-passenger-seat trash can that I've used for years. Suggestions from other moms on where to put it now?

Our friends came to stay with us for the weekend while they waited for the power to come back on in their Midtown home. Their son is a couple months older than Caleb and the boys didn't really play together but did get along nicely. It was fun to have company, even though they had to sleep on our living room floor since we have no guest room or guest bed.

My Dad's sister came in town for the weekend to see Dad perform in a play at the community playhouse. Dad did a great job and it was fun to see Aunt Debbie too. We dined at Cheesecake Factory after church Sunday then the girls (Mom, Aunt Deb, my sister, and me) enjoyed a pampering party courtesy of my BeautiControl friend Brooke. It was great and very relaxing.

Think that's really about it for our exciting week. I have a small handful of presents and stocking stuffers left to pick up but am finished beyond that with regard to Christmas shopping. Plus, I only have TWO days left until I am out for an entire 17 days, including Christmas with both sides of the family and a trip to Vegas after the new year. Yippee!

Oh, one more thing...here's the link to Caleb's great 1 year pictures. http://www.gregoryphotography.blogspot.com/. Betsy really did (yet another) phenomenal job!!
Have a great week!


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

I love the one yr. pictures! Facing forward in the car is like a whole new world! It's fun to sing in the car and watch them!!

Chris & Ashley said...

He is such a handsome guy Emily. Your comment about him weighing 20lbs forever made me laugh. Hudson went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and weighed 20lbs as well...he is 20 months old! I hope he hits a growth spurt one of these days! Betsy did a great job on his 1 year pics, very cute.