Monday, April 21, 2008

1 Year and 20 Weeks- Party!

Good week last week. We passed a big milestone at school when I was able to check Caleb and myself in for the last day of the pay period and notice that we were both there every M-W!!! It had been awhile since we'd been well enough to do that :)

Here are a few funny shots of Mr. Grown Up helping around the house. One is of Caleb at my computer, navigating the Internet. The other is the drying rack that Caleb discovered behind the bedroom door and carried (and by that I mean bumped into every possible wall in our house) around all day Thursday.

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day and, despite the fact that we had a busy weekend already, we finally got to use the family zoo pass my parents bought Caleb for his birthday in December. Caleb had been once before last fall but I think he was really too young to realize what was going on. This time was a blast because he recognized so many of the animals and loved hearing the train as it "choo-chooed" through the zoo. We got there just as the elephant demonstration was ending and Caleb thought it was awesome to be so close to them. Between that and "moo-ing" at the zebras, he had a blast and was really well behaved.

Saturday afternoon was a friend's birthday party at Little Gym. I wasn't sure what sort of activities they would have for kiddos his age and also wondered how Mr. Cautious would fare but he had a blast. I think Aaron and the rest of the Dad's got more of a workout than the children as they chased everyone around. Here's a pic of the group with the giant parachute.

That evening we went to dinner with our small group from Sunday School at Napoli's in BA- YUM!!! Caleb was at about at his wit's end due to his short nap and crazy day but was still good, just very loud and opinionated (kinda like his daddy when he gets sleepy!!).

Sunday was church, then nap, then another birthday party. This time, it was an Elmo-themed party at Bounce U. This was also a really fun party and, once again, the dads were dripping with sweat from running and jumping all over the place. (Incidentally, I wonder why it is the dads that tend to do this while the moms have a chance to relax and chat?? Not complaining, just wondering...) There was a really big inflatable slide at Bounce U. Caleb wasn't really interested in it but Aaron climbed up and took him down it anyway. Of course, Caleb loved it and wanted to go "up" over and over and over. Hence the sweaty Aaron :)

Another room had inflatable basketball shooting and Caleb and his friend Owen were very helpful in clearing out the balls that would get stuck at the back of the shooting area. PS- Congrats to our friends (Owen's parents) who sold their house in 3 days. Yippee for moving to Jenks!

Think that was about it for last week. Another spring weather week so far. Time to bring the sunscreen to school and decide if you buy your 16 month old off-brand Crocs for $5 at Wal-Mart or bite the bullet and get the real thing so they actually last all summer.

Have a great week!


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Looks like fun! We were at Bounce-U on Sat. at a party. Neat place! My vote is the walmart crocks! I got some for McKinley and they are so cute and easy to put on!! It's not worth the $$ for what they do to their shoes!

Heather said...

He has gotten so big!! Ellee loves the bounce place...we've only been to Pump it Up though. We have never done the Walmart Crocs but if he's going to wear them ALL the time, I'd do the real thing. Ellee LIVES in hers...even after I swore I wasn't a fan of them..ha! there are lots of online codes where you can get them cheap with free shipping too!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the cheaper crocs, I got Lincoln some and they seem to be holding up fine. I couldn't bring myself to pay $29 for small rubber shoes! We really need to get together and let them play soon. -Bopha