Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to Our Buster!!

A quick shout-out (that's now a day late since it's after midnight) to our totally wonderful, fabulous, and special first born. Caleb celebrated his 3rd birthday today, Dec. 3rd. It is so hard to believe that he's growing so fast. The picture above is from this morning, just after he woke up (as indicated by the crazy hair and sleep-lined face) just after receiving his big present from Mom and Dad.

Here's a photo from each of his other birthdays:
A few hours after being born. What a crazy adventure that was!

Eating cake on his 1st birthday. He wasn't too certain about cake-eating at his party but got after it on his actual birthday.

Enjoying cake again on his 2nd birthday. Just a few days later, he went from being our little boy to seeming like a giant compared to the newborn Harper.

Eating cake tonight at his party. I couldn't tell if he was tired after jumping and running around, in a sugar coma from all the junk we ate all day, or suffering from a concussion after falling off the bench backward.

More to come as the festivities continue with a joint party for family. This post was just to keep me from being a total slacker :) Happy b-day, Caleb Scotty Watt-y. I love you!