Thursday, January 7, 2010

How To Eat an Elephant...One Bite at a Time!

(I guess the date displayed on this post goes back to the day I started to upload some pictures to it. SEE! I do have good intentions!! Anyway, don't think you're computer has been shortchanging you; I only actually posted this blog update - and the one above it - today, January 29th.)

To take the advice of the old elementary school joke, I've decided to tackle the mounds of Thanksgiving/Birthdays/Christmas photos, videos, and memories, and blog about them a little at a time. So, here we go:

Harper Grace's hair grew long enough to start putting a pony tail on top of it, short and thin as it may be. It was perfect timing because she had stopped leaving her hairbows and bands in. Hooray for a new way to accessorize. Of course, Aaron rolls his eyes because now I have to go buy small bows to clip in with the pony tail holders (which, incidentally are small enough to be those rubber bands that go on your braces).

Not to be outdone, Caleb wanted me to put a ponytail in his hair too. Harper's gaining on him, but his hair was way thicker than Harper's when he was her age. Totally not fair!

On one of several trips to the mall for Christmas shopping, Mom and Caleb rode the merry go round. A big treat because Caleb's mean ol' mom never lets him ride it. Partly because sometimes it not there, partly because the germs that must be all over it gross me out (why did I only become a semi-germaphobe after I had children??Hmmmm.), and partly because I never figured out what to do with Harper if I was there with the kiddos on my own.

A breakfast staple around here is Weight Watchers pumpkin spice muffins. At least two of us eat one every day so we go through them pretty quickly. They are super easy - just pumpkin, spice cake mix, and water - and both kiddos love to help me with them. Caleb with the dumping and mixing and Harper with the beater-cleaning.

Caleb is growing more and more independent. Where he used to go to the bathroom and then ask for help to get his underwear and pants back up, now he's got it all by himself. Sometimes are a bit more successful than others. He wore them like this the rest of the evening. Aaron was suffering from sympathy chafing and kept asking Caleb if his undies were bugging him. Guess not enough to fix it.

Harper is adding words by the day. Here's her version of "Caleb".

For Thanksgiving, we headed to Kansas City with many members of my dad's family. It was such a large group that we didn't all fit under Aunt Debbie's roof, but it was still the place to hang out, play, eat, and watch football.

My two kiddos playing together...and without a scream or tear to be heard or seen! (Note Harper's scrunchy hair. Think hers is going to have some natural curl too!)

Caleb and his "fings" (we're still working on that darn "th" sound). Thanks to my cousin-in-law Andrea for the fabulous photo.

I have always loved KC, partly because it is a great city (and that was before I knew about Nebraska Furniture Mart!) and partly because of all the great memories associated with it. It is so cool to me to see Caleb in Aunt Debbie's huge back yard, playing around and going on hikes like I used to. Caleb seems so big and grown up sometimes, but look how little he looks in comparison to the yard and house - still just a little fella!

Here's a cute video of Caleb with his cousins Luke and Culley.

Aunt Debbie gave all the cousins matching hats and scarves. Funny to see Harper's screaming face and Cousin Cash (the little little baby) slipping from his brother's grasp. Oh the memories we're making!

The day after Thanksgiving, we all headed to the Plaza and at Baja 600, one of my very favorite restaurants. My generation of cousins had a photo moment outside.

Family photo - hey, at least three of the four of us are looking at the camera.

A traditional holiday purchase: matching Christmas PJs. This year's had hats - Harper wasn't sure about hers until she saw big brother wearing his too.

One blog down, several more to go. This will get us started though, right?? I've heard that the first year with two kiddos is crazy, but that if you can make it through, then it becomes much easier. We shall see, I guess :) Hopefully it will be a breeze and I'll be a regular blogger again!