Sunday, February 4, 2007

Two Months/Nine Weeks

I know I say this every week but I really can't believe that Caleb is already 9 weeks old! He seems to grow and change each day- it is fun to watch him interact and learn. As you can see from the 9 week picture, his grin comes more and more often and is more easily coaxed from him.

This was our last week at home together and Caleb and I enjoyed it. We ran some errands, and Caleb got to hang out at Aaron's office while I got my teeth cleaned. But mostly we just sat, bounced, and walked around the house. We also made sure to watch the TV appearances that Lauren had after winning Miss America.

Friday was a big day because it was the dreaded first round of immunizations at his 2 month appointment. Of course, Caleb didn't dread it because he had no idea what he was in for. In fact, it was funny because he was really laughing and smiling all morning long. First he was weighed and measured and....(are you ready for this?) he was a whopping 14 pounds 5 ounces and 25 inches long. That's the 97th percentile in height and 96th in weight!! He is a big ol' boy and the doctor said he was already doing some things developmentally that 4 month olds do, which is good since he's about the size of a four month old. Then came the shots. You can really tell that these nurses do this all the time because she had it down to a science. There was one oral vaccine and 4 injected ones- two in each leg. I thought Caleb would throw a complete fit but he really just had one long wail then some whimpers. Here's a shot of his thunder thighs with his cute band-aids.

In addition to being his 2 month celebration, Saturday was also a fun shower hosted by Heidi and Carolyn. Below is a picture of Caleb with Heidi, Ashton, and Carolyn.

Caleb was very well behaved, though it could have been due to the Tylenol we kept him on for a day or so after his shots. He was making all sorts of funny faces and flirting with the ladies, like Jan in the next picture. My mom was there and did a good job of not hogging her grandson :)

Caleb was fortunate to get some great gifts- from clothes to gift certificates to toys and even some thank you notes for me to write. The cake was adorable. Thanks again to Heidi and Carolyn for their thoughtfulness. That night, Caleb went over to my parents' house while Aaron and I went out for a belated anniversary dinner. It was a very busy day and Caleb slept very well that night.

Here's a funny picture of Caleb and Aaron. It was on a night that Caleb was getting fussy (he's started recently to cry before he falls asleep whereas he used to just pass out without crying or anything). Having tried just about everything, Aaron put Caleb up on his shoulders. For awhile Caleb just looked around while holding on tight and holding his head up. But eventually, sleep got the better of him and he konked out. Pretty funny.

Last night was Caleb's first Super Bowl though it was less than exciting. We met up with some of Aaron's co-workers and some other friends up at his office and watched on their big projection screens. There were several other babies there but Caleb really just slept most of the time so he didn't really make any new friends. He did look great in his "World's Cutest Quarterback" outfit (see the 9 week picture at the top). We got home later than expected so then I rushed around trying to get everything together for my first day back at work. Aaron was very helpful, mostly because he could see I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, I think.

This morning, we all rushed around to get everyone out the door on time. The dogs were totally perplexed as to why we were up so early (and probably also wondering what I was doing showered and ready to go before noon!). I dropped Caleb off at Amy's house and didn't shed any tears until I was walking back to the car. Then I started crying; good thing I had thought to bring my makeup with me for touch-ups. Even though I really like my job and the people I work with and even though I know Caleb is in perfectly capable hands, I still felt like I was abandoning him. I know I should have taken a picture of my dropping him off but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I was really fine by the time I got to work and just jumped in with both feet back into my job. The day went quickly- maybe because I had to go back home at one point. I was so smart for remembering my makeup but failed to remember to bring empty bottles to pump into- duh!! It was a good day and Caleb was happy to see me when I picked him up (or at least that's what I am telling myself). I am sooooo thankful that I get to ease back into the work thing gradually by working part time. Tomorrow I work another full day then 1/2 a day on Wednesday then we can stay home and snuggle Thursday and Friday.

OK, must go and prepare the diaper bag, my lunch, Aaron's lunch, etc for tomorrow...gotta love motherhood!!

Oh, welcome to our family, Ada Rose! My cousin Brett and his wife and sons welcomed their new addition this afternoon. Can't wait for these 3rd cousins to meet one another.


Kimberly said...

I know going back to work had to be hard-I'm so glad that like you said you get to "ease back into it!"
I can't wrap my mind around how big Caleb must be! I seriously think he's bigger than adalie and she looked like a giant when we last saw him! He is adorable!
I love the pic of him asleep on Aaron's shoulders! Cracks me up & We can totally relate to trying anything to get a baby to sleep! Whatever works!
Adalie did stop fighting sleep so much around 3 months but till then we had all sorts of tricks and I'll have to remember that one should she start that up again!

Natalie Gruenberg said...

Hi, Emily and family. Morgan sent me the link to the blog, and I just have to tell you how beautiful Caleb is. The blog is such a cool idea! God bless!