Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week 12: Caleb's first cold

So we've been dealing with the oh-so-pleasant effects of Caleb's first cold. It started as a few little boogers to suck out with the bulby thing (officially called a nasal aspirator). It didn't go away so we took a trip to the doctor to find out that, indeed, it was just a cold and there's nothing we can do but let it run it's course. Evidently "run it's course" for a baby means being fussier than usual and not sleeping soundly for more than 3 hours at a time- gotta love it. By the way, Caleb weighed in at an impressive 16 pounds at the doctor's office on Thursday- WHEW! Caleb used to love his changing pad and would laugh and chat his way through a diaper change. Then we started giving him his super-stinky vitamin drops while he was on it. And, since the addition of this cold, now give him nasal saline drops, triaminic cold medicine, and try repeatedly to suck snot out with the aforementioned aspirator. He starts yelling the second you set him down on it now. On the upside, Caleb and I have had some sweet snuggling/sleeping time together when he wakes up congested at 3 a.m. and can go back to sleep more easily when he's upright on my shoulder in the rocker. There have been several times that we've both passed out until Aaron comes in to check on us.

The weather is finally warming up enough that we have enjoyed several walks around our neighborhood trails. One day was a little brisk so we bundled up Caleb in his OU gear- he looked great (thanks Wilsons- bet you thought it would be the right size for next football season, not now!). Notice the action shot below. It was going to be an adorable picture but Lilah couldn't resist jumping up on the bed and being part of things.

As you can tell from the Week 12 picture at the top of the page, Caleb is really enjoying his stretching these days. It lasts for several minutes, especially if he's been asleep for quite awhile. What makes it really entertaining are the funny faces he makes along with the stretches AND the funny noises that come out the other end. Don't know what it is about stretching that gets him tootin' but, seriously, watch out! Here's a picture of Caleb enjoying some time on his activity gym. Not too interested in playing with all the toys dangling in front of him- just stretching away.

The chair continues to be a big help to us and big fun for Caleb. I wrote last week about Caleb really noticing the dogs for the first time as he sat in the chair on the kitchen floor. Well, now the dogs are definitely noticing that he's on their level. Aaron said I could get in trouble for child abuse for letting the dogs lick him for the sake of a cute picture, but I am sure they will have many more close (and gross) encounters in the future.

This week, my sister turned the big 2-4!! We celebrated last weekend when she was in town but Caleb wanted to give a special birthday shout out to his Aunt Mo! He also says thanks for being such a good babysitter last weekend. Here's a pic of Morgan and Caleb on his first day.

Here are some other random pictures from the week. We are really trying to develop more of a nightly schedule which means that if you're going to do a bath some nights as part of the 'winding down ritual' then you need to do it all nights. So, here we are. This robe was from one of Aaron's co-workers. You can't see it too clearly but it's even embroidered with his name. He kinda looks like a boxer getting ready to enter the ring.

Although we are working on the grasping skills, they aren't quite there yet so I picked up these wrist rattles at a recent trip to Babies R Us. They are supposed to catch his eye and help him practice tracking objects back and forth across his field of vision. I am sure they will serve that purpose at some point but for now, they are acting as great chew toys/slobber catchers.

And finally, this picture just cracks me up. It should have a caption that reads, "Twelve weeks already?!? Yikes!!"

Have a great week!


Kimberly said...

I just love new pics of Caleb! I can't believe he is 12 weeks already! Love all of his outfits and hope he gets rid of his cold soon.
BTW-Adalie has the same play mat and the star at the top of it is officially her "baby crack." It hypnotizes her so we use it for unpleasantly long car rides, to get her to eat, and when she's really upset.

Betsy said...

Just an idea- we put a pillow under one end of Sam's matress so that he sleeps on an incline. Seems to help with the drainage a little.

Hope he's feeling better.

Heather said...

How cute! I love the stretching...looks like Super Man! :) He is sooo big, and I can't believe I still haven't met him :(

Oh and I second the deal Betsy said...if you put his mattress on an incline it works great!

Anonymous said...

OMG I am so sorry I haven't commented you in forever! I am horrible! I finally had a chance to sit down and look at all these blogs and pics. Caleb is the cutest thing I've ever seen (especially in that baby gap onesie). Keep posting! I LOVE IT! And I love that blue and brown polka dot cake! how adorable!