Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 30- still raining

I heard that it rained 28 out of 30 days in June here in Tulsa. It is getting a little ridiculous. For us, it's just annoying as our dogs track in mud and when we can't swim but for lots of others in this area, it means floods and damage. With limited outdoor options, we got creative inside :)

We tried several new foods this week, both "big people" food and baby food. Caleb is still eating everything and still gets pretty upset when the food is all gone. The only weird reaction we've had so far was to cottage cheese. He wasn't sure what to think about the texture and really gummed it but kept coming back for more. As I was cleaning up his face, I noticed the skin around his mouth was red. By the time I had cleaned his bowl and spoon, his neck was red too. He wasn't feeling badly but I got out my trusty marker to note the current boundaries of red and made sure it didn't spread. I also gave him a dose of Benadryl. Guess that fixed things because it disappeared quickly. Here's a photo of the reaction at its prime.

Caleb is very close to getting in one of his top front teeth, with the other just behind. These are big teeth in comparison to what's come in so far so he is really drooly and fussy. He ran a 100 degree fever for a good portion of the week. This also means he chews on ANYTHING he can get his hands on. Like, for example, the drawstring of my pj pants that were in the laundry pile on the floor of the bathroom.

This week Caleb got to go to VBS at Asbury because his sitter was volunteering. He had a great time. Per my babysitter's suggestion, she went ahead and took Caleb on Thursday even though I wasn't working so I could have the morning to myself. I went to Walmart (in and out under 30 minutes!!), ran some other errands, and got a luxurious pedicure. It was wonderful. Because they don't make VBS t-shirts small enough for babies, they made a canvas bag with his footprints and the date. You can't see it clearly on this picture but you can tell that he likes his new bag a lot :)

I haven't heard from my mom since she's been in Africa but I do know they arrived safely. It is funny how accustomed I have become to chatting with her or calling her up on a whim. I didn't realize that until now, when she's not here to talk with.

We received the disk with all of Caleb's 6 month pictures in the mail from Betsy. She got a little creative with some composites that turned out really nicely.

My dad was part of a trio that sung at church today. He did a great job. You can go to then click on the 9:15 service for today (it says June 1st but they mean July 1st). Go to minute 45 and you'll hear it. He's the nice-sounding tenor in the blue shirt, by the way. Way to go, Dad!

Well, after a busy weekend (sorority alum meeting, friend's birthday party, church, baby shower, small group dinner), I am going to call it a day. Oh, I got in my first fender-bender this weekend. When I was running around Saturday morning, a lady barely rear-ended me while we were getting off the Creek Turnpike. Thankfully we were barely moving and Caleb wasn't in the car. It did tear up my back bumper but pretty minimal damage. I guess the Volvo is officially "christened" now.

Have a great week!