Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week 33- The Raspberry Week

It seems Caleb tends to learn a new skill and do it constantly for a day or two then move on. However, this week he discovered the art of "thppppp" or "blowing raspberries" or "furburts" or whatever your family calls them. And he is loving this new trick...starts the day in the crib, continues in the car, while we are playing, while we are bathing, while we are swimming, etc. It makes for a lot of fun while we are eating, as you can imagine. This shot below captures his lovely dining experience the other night- green beans everywhere with the dogs eager to get in on the action. We were trying out this booster seat to take on our trip to NC (or, more accurately, to have my parents transport in their car while we fly). He really liked it, mainly because he can see over the tray and realize the doggies are right under him.

Since I've been pumping like a million times a day, I've had some time to catch up on my reading. I read last week that giving a baby a plateful of spaghetti helps improve dexterity as they learn the pincer grasp between index finger and thumb. Caleb thought it was really fun and interesting at first. Then he tried to put the entire handful, including his hand, in at once. He was done after that.

We were finally able to get out in the pool again this week, armed with the swim diapers this time. I did discover, however, that swim diapers are not so great at catching leaks indoors while playing on the floor and waiting for the pool to fill up. Oops! I really slather on the sunscreen, including in his hair. It makes for a great styling product. Unfortunately, it does take several baths for it to come out completely. Any suggestions for products that protect his scalp without the SPF 50 "pomade"? I wonder if the aerosol sunscreen would be better?? (By the way, he's not crying - it just looks like it).

After a fun afternoon in the pool, we enjoyed just relaxing. I pulled out my snoogle pillow (a godsend I used from 7 months pregnant on). Caleb is having so much fun rolling around that I thought he'd get a kick out of it. He did wrestle around with the snoogle for awhile then made himself a little nest and took a break.

As you can see from the top picture, we are getting closer and closer to crawling. He is now lunging for an object and realizing he can walk his hands out slowly to avoid nosediving. And he's figuring out how to walk his hands back up to sit upright. And he loves to turn all the way around in a circle on his bottom. Today he was playing with the rings (his new favorite toy) and I was in laundry room and heard a "thunk". I peeked in to see him turn around from his rings and chewing on the handle of our armoire, which he kept at for several minutes. It reminded me of the part of the movie Billy Madison when Adam Sandler says, "You making out with the wall or something?" (Shout out to Kim H. for that one!)

Other news this week:

  • We enjoyed lunch with Grandma and our friend Ethel, who has returned to OK from Canada, on Thursday. Yummy Jason's Deli with Caleb's first bite of their frozen yogurt :)

  • Also, we've begun purchasing 12-18 month clothes. They are still a bit roomy but he's on the verge of outgrowing his 9-12 month stuff, especially in length, so anything new we're buying in the next size up.

  • The 6th tooth is in with the 7th not far behind. Good thing Caleb likes to have me brush his teeth!
We are off to Asheville, NC early Wednesday morning and will return on Sunday evening, so doubt there will be a blog posted promptly that night. We are flying standby so wish us luck!!


Ethel said...

Have a fun, safe trip. I enjoyed Thursday too.

Heather said...

Hope you guys have a fun trip!! I can't help but laugh at the picture of him stuffing all the spaghetti in his mouth!!!! What a cutie he is!!! And the hair looks cute spiked up (even if it is coated in sunscreen..haha!)

Kimberly said...

Yeah, I got a shot out!That is hillarious! Adalie likes to make out with furniture knobs as well. I'm not sure about the sunscreen on the head advice. Adalie is SO fair I've worried about that as well but I end up just putting a hat on her (which doesn't always stay put) but if You figure something out let me know!
Hope you guys have fun on your trip!