Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 45 - Blissfully Boring

This week was totally uneventful and WONDERFUL! Caleb is back to his regular self. School went well Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thursday Caleb took his first trip to the zoo with our playgroup friends. It was very fun. Caleb didn't have much of a morning nap so I ended up carrying him around a little more than I would have preferred but it was a good time and a beautiful fall day. He's still young enough that he didn't really realize that there were animals right in front of him unless they were moving and fairly close to the fence- like the goats in the petting zoo and the huge Galapagos turtles. We enjoyed a ride on the train. (Pay no attention to the goldfish crumbs stuck to his chin in the picture but feel free to note the zebras on his shirt- how perfect for the zoo!) Our friends the Walls got a family pass for their son's first birthday from his grandparents. I think that is a fun idea for Caleb's birthday, though the zoo is on the other side of the world from Jenks.

I can't remember if I posted a few weeks ago about our big vacuum purchase, the Dyson specifically created for pet hair. It is awesome and I have a new enthusiasm for vacuuming. It is great to not have to dump the chamber multiple times during a vacuum session and the cord is long enough that I only move it once through the entire house. It is amazing how filthy our house was before we got this vacuum. So I mentioned my new excitement in housekeeping to a friend but said I still hated mopping our tile surfaces. She showed me her new Lysol steam cleaning mop and said it worked great. I ordered it online from Bed Bath and Beyond and it came in on Friday. This thing is great!!! I mopped the kitchen with my old mop last Saturday morning. Here's a picture of the scrubbing cloths after I cleaned the kitchen on Friday(it comes with six of them and you just wash them so you're not having to buy new ones like you do with a swiffer). YUCK!

Saturday we dropped Caleb off at my parents' house and traveled to Norman for the OU/Mizzou game. ESPN College Game Day was there but they guys weren't on the set when we walked by. The game was very exciting and a lot of fun! We were in the end zone, which is a good angle to watch the plays unfold. And it's always good when your team wins :) After fighting through traffic, we got home a little before midnight (my parents brought Caleb to our house to put him to sleep- what great babysitters!). Caleb slept pretty soundly, but we did think it was funny that he was able to since this is how we found him as we tucked him in.

Tonight we had a Sunday School hayride and bonfire at a class member's house. It was so much fun, though it was too windy to have a fire so we just grilled out. Caleb had a good time crawling around their back porch and took his first hayride. This is not a great picture but he really did have fun.

When we were giving him his bath tonight, I noticed his waterproof patch was about halfway off. We gently tugged it the rest of the way off and Caleb's scar looks really good. Dr. Li did a great job with a neat incision. We go in this week for a post-surgery follow up visit. I think I am going to get some Mederma to make it as minimal as possible but it is in a very discreet area.

The Chiefs were victorious today!! And Tony Gonzalez now has the NFL record for most career touchdowns by a tight end. I will cling to this as my fantasy football team is stinking big time. I played a guy who had 2 players on the IR or on a bye week and I still lost. GRRR!

Another wonderfully low key week. Have a great one!


Kimberly said...

After we killed 4 vacuums with our dog hair we got a Dyson about 2 years ago and we love it!!
I'm very interested in the lysol mop! You'll have to give us an update a few months from now to let me know if it is still doing a great job!
BTW-Caleb is soo cute!