Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week 47- The Calm Before the Storm

This was a pretty laid back week for us. Besides Caleb still fighting off his cold/allergy thing, we've just been having fun hanging around the house. This upcoming week includes several activities like Halloween, family pictures, etc. that are only the beginning of a crazy holiday season. Looking forward to it though. I LOVE Christmas and celebrate Nov. 1st by pulling out my Christmas CDs. Plus it will be fun for Caleb to actually realize what's going on around him instead of sleeping through all the fun events. And I bet he knows the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Album by heart by the end of 2007!

Like I said, next Saturday are our family pictures so I have been holding off on another haircut for Caleb until Thursday or Friday. This makes for some pretty interesting hair-do's, especially in the mornings or when I try to spike it up in front.

Caleb's hair hasn't been nearly as curly lately. I don't know if it's because he hasn't been as hot and sweaty, because I've not let it get as long as last time, or because I cut off the curls and they aren't coming back. It definitely makes him look even more like a little man.

We took his high chair cover in to the dry cleaners this week (I know, I know, I should have looked at the label before buying a high chair cover that couldn't go through the washer at home) so Caleb spent several meals in his booster seat at the real table. He thought it was lots of fun. So did the dogs as the tray is narrow enough that Caleb can look over the side and see the dogs begging for food next to the chair. He's such a sweet boy that he just loves to share with them. This picture also captures the true Caleb...always willing to eat :) We had a potluck dinner with Caleb's teacher and the other parents from class this week. Each parent introduced themselves and had to give one adjective to describe their child. Many parents said things like, "happy, smiley, curious, sweet". Aaron said one word that described Caleb was "hungry". And the teacher and administrators all nodded in agreement.

Caleb continues to be a 'helper' with his Dad around the house. Aaron was installing our new cable box on Saturday so Caleb helped hold the ladder steady. He used that as practice for later when he was trying his own acrobatics on the ladder. Aaron assures me he was totally safe. I'll just say if I had been home I would have nipped that in the bud.

Here's a copy of Caleb's school photo. Isn't he a cutie?? Someone commented that this is the only age that it's cute to have fat rolls on your thighs in a picture- ha!

Caleb was featured in a Riverfield ad recently in the GTR Newspapers (BA Express, Union Boundary, Jenks Gazette, etc.) I think it will also run in the November Tulsa People so keep an eye out for it. Guess it pays to be in the marketing department :) I will try to find our copy and scan it in.

The week 47 picture features two of his new favorite things- an angel figurine from his bookshelf and a red chip clip that's always on the fridge. Who knows what about these items caught his attention but he loves them. However, nothing compares still to his very very favorite... the turtle from his collection of bath toys. He is never far away from that turtle and it brings a smile to his face even if he's screaming. Here's a shot of him telling me about his turtle. He has learned that more volume means more attention. Think a 10 month old gets the concept of "inside voice"? Not so far.

Today is my mom's birthday. She was very excited because, before Congress voted to move it back a week, it was supposed to be daylight savings so she was going to get a 25 hour birthday (and if you know my mom you'd know nothing could excite her more!). But she still had a good one. My sister came in town last night and we ventured to El Guapo's Mexican restaurant downtown. It was a fun atmosphere and had really good margaritas. Then my parents came over tonight for cake, ice cream, and presents. We thought it would be funny to have Caleb's 47 Weeks sign and Mom's 2800+ Weeks sign but she didn't seem thrilled about it.

We are headed to Asbury for Fall Festival on Wednesday. Most of our friends and their kiddos will be there so it should be fun. No telling how Caleb will react to being in his costume for an extended period of time. Really as long as we can get a few cute shots, he can take it off after that.

It was a weird weekend with no Sooners game and no Chiefs game. At least we didn't move down in the BCS.

Have a good one!!


Meagan said...

Hey Emily! I've so enjoyed following Caleb's weeks on your blog. I can't believe how much he looks like your Dad! What a cutie! :)
-Meagan (Reid) Skarbek