Sunday, January 13, 2008

1 year 6 weeks aka "don't you just love school germs?"

Caleb has been back at Riverfield for 3 whole days and he has a respiratory virus and another ear infection. He was perfectly healthy for 3 weeks over Christmas break. I am not really blaming Riverfield because it would be like this at any facility that is the daytime home to lots of young germ-infested children. (I did not include a picture b/c it's too yucky and too pathetic to see him all stuffed up).

Thankfully, Caleb's illness held off until Aaron returned Wednesday evening from Vegas. Caleb sure did miss his "dada", as he would call out for him when he woke up in the morning or in the evening around dinnertime. We tried letting them talk on the phone but Caleb was more interested in pushing the buttons that kept disconnecting them.

Last week was Basketball Homecoming at school, which means "Spirit Week". Tuesday was Twinkie Day so Caleb and his friend, Katy, dressed the same. Here's a cute picture of the two of them:

Caleb grows more and more confident in his walking so I let him walk himself out of the classroom at school. He ended up taking a wrong turn (or at least not the turn I was anticipating) so we could travel down the hallway to see the chinchillas and the snake. He was thrilled with the freedom then quickly aggravated when I picked him up to head to the car. He looks like such a big boy walking down the school's main hallway. sniff sniff

He also continues to be more and more curious. I moved his music table to my closet to keep him busy while I got ready last week. He had fun with that for awhile then soon realized he could use the table to push himself up onto the container of wrapping paper and gift sacks that's tucked away under a row of clothes. He was pretty proud of himself once he got up there.

Friday evening we headed to Dallas to spend a belated Christmas weekend with my mom's side of the family. It was such fun to see Caleb and Julia (just a month older than he) play together. OK, well not play "together" so much as "coexist in the same space". Caleb's cold really came on Friday afternoon and progressed to a feverish cough and matted eyes throughout the weekend. We tried our best to make sure things that Caleb touched were not used by Julia but sorry in advance if she ends up under the weather :( Here's a few shots of the cousins hanging out.

Saturday was Aaron's and my 6th anniversary. Hard to believe it has been that long. It wasn't exactly super romantic chasing Caleb around with a Kleenex and getting snotted on, but it was together time. Plus we counted our Vegas weekend as our celebration.

Aaron is out of town again this week. Mom is going to come to the rescue for part of the day tomorrow as Caleb won't be going to school but Mondays are always crazy for me so I have to be there. I can't imagine how people do it without relatives in the same town!!

Oh, several of my blogging friends have posted that they turned in pics of their kiddos for Regis and Kelly's beautiful baby contest. We submitted a photo too, though of course we waited until the last day and the site was so busy it took 2 hours of hitting refresh and resubmit before it finally went through. Seeing as though they've received thousands and thousands of entries, we obviously aren't expecting anything but, hey you never know.

Have a great week, and prayers for my cousin Cortney who is about 33 weeks along and has started having some contractions. She was hospitalized over the weekend (we kidded her that she was trying to get out of hanging out with the family but we brought the party to her rather small hospital room). She is on medication to stop the contractions for another week and then the Dr. said he'd probably let things run their course if the contractions come back after she gets off the meds.