Sunday, January 20, 2008

1 year and 7 weeks- curious and personality plus

Well, after being sick the first half of the week (ear infection, cold, cough, pink eye, etc.) we are all on the mend. Aaron returned home late Wednesday night so things are feeling almost back to normal (except for the Christmas decorations that are still all piled on the kitchen table waiting to be put up).

Caleb and I spent some quality time at home together as we felt lousy this week. But once his antibiotic kicked in, he was into everything and very personable. Here are some funny pictures of him investigating an oversized gift bag and the dog food bag.

He has also been spending some time on his head. No, he hasn't been falling over but doing some sort of odd peek-a-boo yoga pose where he pushes his legs up while keeping his hands and feet on the ground. I think it's one of those things that he did once maybe on accident but it got such a good reaction from me that now he does it a lot. Or, who knows, maybe they are teaching yoga in his class.

Caleb is also gaining confidence in his walking and in his independence. Last night, we went to Wal-Mart for three or four things so we didn't get a cart to put Caleb in. Aaron carried Caleb for awhile but then set him down to see what he did. Well, off he went up and down the aisles and eventually out the front door (all supervised, I assure you). The same thing happened today at church when we let him have the run of the spacious building. He was so excited that I was afraid he was going to get too much speed and fall over. It is so fun to watch him grow physically and socially.

Speaking of growing up, it really blows my mind when I come across something in Caleb's closet that was given to him when he was a little baby for him to wear down the road. This week, it was an adorable sports-theme denim outfit from our friend Jan. She gave it to Caleb at one of his baby showers last February. I remember thinking at the time that it would take forever for him to grow into it... or 11 months. He really is feeling well in this picture, he just doesn't look like it.

Though he has always liked books, Caleb has taken a real shine to them this week. I can't count the number of times in a day that Caleb says "boo.." (for book), picks one up, and brings it to you to read. One book that we rediscovered this week (b/c I was getting a little tired of the ones we always have out) was a book about rabbits. On one page, it says something about "sniffly noses", so I made a sniff-sniff noise and wiggled my nose...once. From then on, Caleb picks up the book and immediately starts the sniff sniff. It is too funny and I was actually able to catch him mid-sniff today.

When Aaron got in the attic to get down the empty Christmas decoration boxes (see, we are at least heading in the right direction), we took the time to deconstruct and put away some of Caleb's outgrown things like his swing and bouncy seat. The biggest challenge was trying to protect the Exersaucer, it look parts of five trash bags. Of course, my little helpy helperton did not make matters any easier- ha!
This week is Miss America in Las Vegas. Make sure to tune in to Miss America: Reality Check on TLC on Friday and the Miss America Finals on TLC on Saturday. Very excited to see what happens!!
Aaron and I started this Master Cleanse diet/system cleaner today. My friend Heidi and her husband just finished it and both lost a lot of weight and feel healthier and reinvigorated. After Day 1 of 10, I do have to say that it is not the best-tasting stuff and that, even though I am not physically hungry, Caleb's little minced carrots and mac-n-cheese never looked so tasty!! I don't quit things easily but this is really no fun so I thought posting about it on here would give me some accountability. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!
Beyond not eating and (hopefully) finally getting the Christmas decorations put away, this week looks fairly calm...knock on wood.
Have a great one!!


Heather said...

ooooohhhh the Master Cleanse!!!! Enjoy that. I've done that before...and you do lose some, how could you not. Your body has to get rid of that nasty lemon and cayenne pepper...ICK!!!! :) It will make you alot healthier tho. Let us know how it goes!!!

On a more lovelier note,Mr Caleb is just growing like a weed and is as cute as ever!!!

Meagan said...

No post? Kelsey and I are just dying to know what you thought of the Miss America win! :)