Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Week- This One with Daisy Dukes and a Parade!

There are many benefits to having your child attend school where you work. One of them is the gossip mill that gets back to your desk and tells you to "Be aware...when you go pick up Caleb this afternoon he is wearing pink shorts because he spilled on his own and we couldn't find any others." Now one person telling me this would be considered normal. But, after five co-workers made a point to stop by my area (and I say "area" because it is definitely not an office, not complaining just clarifying) to inform me of Caleb's attire, I was wondering how ridiculous he really looked. Well, take a gander yourself:

What you can't truly appreciate is the blue Sharpie marks with the school and class name or the cute little white eyelet trim across the top. Oddly enough, they weren't too small for him, but I guess girls shorts are just shorter than boys.

The rest of the week was pretty laid back but did include a trip to our new Wal-Mart SuperCenter (yeah!) and a trip to the pediatrician because Caleb's allergies were not getting any better and his ear started draining fluid. At least, thanks to his tubes, they were draining instead of getting all gunky and infected.

Saturday morning Aaron got up early to go with guys from our Sunday School class to do yard work at another classmate's house. The hubby is serving in Iraq this year and our guys decided to help spruce things up for their family while he's gone.

While Aaron was off doing good deeds, Caleb and I headed to BA for some Rooster Day action. Now, you may ask yourself, "What is Rooster Day?" Rooster Day is Broken Arrow's big springtime carnival/festival/celebration thing. It involves stages with singing and dancing performances as well as the annual Miss Chick pageant (yes, I was in Miss Chick in high school- don't judge me!), rides, a craft show, and Saturday morning's parade. We picked up my parents and sister and staked our claim on Main Street. Let me just say that Caleb LOVED the parade experience. I think he said "HI" at least 300 times as the various parade participants walked or drove by. Here's a picture and a video of his friendliness.

And what would a trip to a fair-like event be without some yummy food, namely a Blue Bell ice cream sandwich, part of a funnel cake, and some fried pickles. YUMMMYYY!!!

Sunday we went to church then my parents and sister came over for lunch. We had tasty pork loin from the grill that Aaron did a wonderful job supervising. After lunch, Caleb was beyond ready for nap, so everyone headed out. My parents got me a pedicure gift certificate for Mother's Day and Aaron and Caleb bought me a fun plant for the front porch and a cute new top that I picked out earlier in the week. It was a fun day celebrating our Mommy-hood.

Good news on the house-building front, we are on track to break ground in the next week or so. Evidently, the price of concrete is skyrocketing July 1st so our builder is wanting the foundation in before that (yippee for a budget-conscious builder). Some have asked where we are building- it is in Jenks on 121st and the Arkansas River. Seriously you take 121st until you would run into the river and follow the curve.

The weeks continue to get busier and pageant season gets closer and closer. Looking for something to do the first week of June? We could use your help in 'managing' 31 fabulous teens from across the state. Don't you all volunteer at once now!

Have a great week!!


Goldsworthy Family said...

That is the funniest picture! I bet Aaron died. I have Boonefest June 7th, but if you honestly need help with anything, give me a holler!

grannok43 said...

Those chunky little boy legs would look cute in anything, even pink shorts
~ ethel