Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 30th, Old Man Walton!!

Really quick post tonight as it is late and I am sleepy. Here are some fun pics from the week, including Aaron's 30th birthday (can't believe I am married to such a fossil!!- ha!).

Aaron's b-day was on Wednesday but he has enjoyed celebrating throughout the week. Here's a picture of Aaron and Caleb on the big day (notice the adorable decorations put up late Tuesday night by an adorable and thoughtful wife).

Aaron requested brownies instead of birthday cake on his actual birthday. Thankfully our friend Julie made some yummy brownies a few weeks prior that Aaron loved so I was able to get her recipe. (OK, moment of truth, it was a box mix but it was very tasty.) Here's another picture of Aaron posing with some decorations. This was actually a table centerpiece but Mr. Creative was using it as a hat.

Just in case you were wondering where the Caleb pictures are, here's one of him walking a mile (or across the living room) in my sneakers. Not sure how, but he definitely knows which shoes are "mama's" and which ones are "dada's". He is learning the possessive form of things, which I am guessing means we have lots and lots of "MINE" on the horizon shortly.

Our friend Brooke made Aaron's cake for his birthday weekend. For those of you who might not know, Aaron worked for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars broadcast department for a season during college and has been a fan ever since. Brooke (who also did Caleb's fabulous turtle cake on his 1st b-day) used the jersey Aaron had in his closet as her inspiration but personalized it. How great is this cake!?!?!

Aaron's parents came in town over the weekend to celebrate his birthday and also our nephew (their grandson) 5th birthday. They all went to Jake's pirate party on Friday night while I worked the sleepover at Riverfield. Though Aaron took the camera with him, no pictures were taken so we have none to share. Oh well, it was a fun time.

Several of you have inquired about how our house-building is going. We are almost finished with the architect (feel like we've been saying that for several weeks now) and are on track to be in by December as long as we stay on schedule. Yippee!

Congrats to our friends Kristin and Michael who had their baby girl, Addison, on Sunday morning. She appears to be cute as a button, based on their blog pictures, and we can't wait to meet her when the family is in town for Miss OK in June.

OK, off to bed. Have a great week!!


kendycox said...

I just turned 31, so you better watch it on those "old" references. You'll be there soon, my friend!! I always think of you when I'm in Tulsa, but I'm usually only there for a quick trip for a conference or else I'd holler!

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys building your new house? it's about time you head back to old BA.-Bopha

Kristin said...

Aaron, Congrats and welcome to the club "neighbor!" Looks like the big 30 suits you just fine. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week and catching up on life after kids. Great photos Emily...thanks for the updates -Michael