Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I am back. I would never have predicted that I would be a blog slacker. But, once I got out of the habit (plus leaving the camera in KC), it has been hard to get back in. But we borrowed my parents' camera so we are not devoid of pictures for this blog!!

Here are two pictures from our trip to KC several weekends ago. Already blogged about it but here's some photo proof. Caleb with his third cousins then our fam at my favorite Plaza restaurant.

I was getting something out of our hall closet the other day and had to move my 5 lb. weights to get to it. I turn around when I heard Caleb grunting and groaning and here's what I found. He thought it was very fun but we had to put it away before he dropped it on his toes or mine.

The next weekend we had a fun party for another Sunday School friend's son who was turning two. It was at the Mohawk Park Splash Pad and was a lot of fun. If you've not been out there, you should check it out. It took Caleb awhile to get comfortable with the water but then he LOVED it. One picture is of Caleb under the water rainbow and the other is of Caleb and Owen checking out the drainage system.

Last week we put up Caleb's little pool in the backyard. As I did last summer, I made sure this new pool was big enough to fit an adult raft. So Thursday I put Caleb down for nap and headed out to enjoy a new book and catch some sun. I had been out there about an hour when I start to get sleepy and I hear Caleb beginning to stir in the monitor so I think, "I can just rest for a sec then Caleb will wake me up". OVER NINETY MINUTES LATER, I wake up and am burnt to a crisp, but, as always happens, only in certain places. My face, chest, and legs from the knees up are bright red. But the truly special mark is the space on my growing belly between where the tankini top stopped and the swim bottoms started. Let's just say Aaron took to calling me the "red striped zebra" (I am sure he meant it in the sweetest way possible.). I will spare you and not show you any horrific pictures.

Friday, Caleb's best friend from school came over to play. Her mom is off for the summer so Katy's not been in class and Caleb has been missing her. The plan was to play in the park across the street or let them run around in the sprinkler but the weather did not cooperate. So we were inside, which was fine until Caleb turned in to Mr. Selfish right before our eyes. Poor Katy could not touch a single thing in the house without Caleb yelling "No" or "Me" (he doesn't know "mine" yet but I bet that's coming soon). At one point, he was sitting on his bouncy zebra, not because he was playing on it but purely so Katy couldn't, with a toy under each arm and was still yelling at her not to touch even one of the 200 Duplo blocks that were on the other side of the room. It wasn't all bad - here's one shot of them playing the piano together and another of them hugging (Caleb was fine with it until Katy went in for the kiss. I think his face is priceless!)

Caleb is getting very silly. We used the last tissue one day so he took the box to throw it in the trash. I never heard the box make it in the trashcan so I walked in to his room. And this is what I found:

In consumer news, beware of your Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals. I was heating up a yummy Fiesta Quesadilla last week and when I walked back in the kitchen, after being gone for 25 seconds, the microwave had flames inside it. We doused it with water then pulled out the food to see what happened. I have eaten these several times and have never seen a wire of any sort as part of the heating sleeve. I guess it sparked which lit the cardboard on fire as well as the paper towel I had under it. WOW! I emailed Weight Watchers about it but haven't heard back. Channel 2 works for you, here I come. I did throw away the quesadilla as it was getting stinky but I have photo evidence.

In house news, we are finally making some progress. The land has been cleared and is ready for footing, then plumbing, then foundation. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We visited quite a few homes over the last two weekends as part of Tulsa's Parade of Homes and got some good ideas.

And we had another OB visit on Thursday. Everything continues to look great and Dr. Williamson confirmed his earlier suspicions and said we should definitely start "thinking pink"! Very exciting - lots of bows and ruffles on the horizon for the Waltons!

Well, that's the last two weeks in the world of the Waltons. Have a good one~


Kristina and Kyle said...

Congratulations on the New Baby! I am very excited for the all of you!

grannok43 said...

Pink is good!! I love the picture of Caleb resisting his kiss. That is one for his baby book. He'll love in about 14 years.
The Long and Walton picture is excelent.

bopha said...

How exciting, a girl! I need your e-mail address, the one I have is very old, email me at By the way, love Dr. Williamson, he's my doc too.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Awesome! You need a girl! That is awesome. Glad to hear everything is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I just had one of those Smart Ones the other day! How scary! I probably would have set the house on fire.

Kimberly Wall

Ashley said...

Congrats Emily! A girl will be fun and I am sure you will have her decked out so cute. I just saw your comment on my blog asking where I got my baby wrap. It is from an online store called Lovey Duds, you can find a link to it on my business blog under "Info">"Great Links". I really love it and wear it all the time. Everett feels very secure in it. It is super easy to get on (once you get the hang of it)....

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyy :) I am so happy I finally read this and got updated. I feel a little more complete now knowing what you are doing... really, I do. Caleb is growing so fast and I wish I could meet him and be silly with him :) haha, we'd have such a good time. I hope your sunburn is better. Poor thing. I always get burned in those areas as well- thighs, chest and face. Tell Aaron I said hello and give Caleb a kiss for me :)
Love Temp