Monday, June 2, 2008

Could We Be Any Busier?!?!

Here's the last two weeks in a nutshell:

1)Aaron's family came to visit for an extended Memorial Day weekend. This included Aaron's parents as well as his cousin and family from Jacksonville. We enjoyed getting together with the fam several times over the course of the weekend. Here's a picture of a tractor that Aaron and all his cousins played on when they were little out at their grandparents' house. It was fun to see the next generation playing with it too.

And here's a shot of Caleb with Rome, Aaron's FL cousin. He and Aaron moved out there together when Aaron interned for the Jaguars and Rome stayed, met Val, got married, had kiddos, etc. Aaron returned home, dated around, met me, got married, stayed here, had Caleb, etc.

2)We went to another friend birthday party. This one was at Tulsa World of Gymnastics. Caleb particularly liked the mini trampolines and the foam pit.

3) We bought some real Crocs. Not because I wanted to pay $25 but because I couldn't find any off-brand ones in his size. HE LOVES THESE SHOES!! Every time we put them on, it is followed by "slide slide" as he wants to go out and slide. Two pics here- one of dirty shoes (Caleb sloshed through the mud in the yard and stopped and yelled "Oh No, Mess!") and one of a not-so-happy Caleb getting his shoes cleaned off. He was fascinated by the fact that we could get running water outside. Not so happy about its temperature.

4) I cleaned house several times. (Yes, this is notable for me b/c I don't like to do it but I've done it several times in the last two weeks as I prepared for out of town guests and prepared for crazy pageant week and all the guests that will be helping with Caleb). Caleb has become such a helper. He follows me around carrying the cord to the vacuum, wipes the windows with paper towels, and helps me swiffer too.

5) Caleb gets very into mark-making. Anytime he sees us with a pen and paper he says, "A, B, C" like we are writing out our alphabet, I guess. And he loves sidewalk chalk. We are working on learning colors but so far he'll only say "blue", regardless of color.

6) Caleb finally got a haircut!! It had been since Easter and as you loyal blog-readers had probably noticed was getting a bit out of control. I thought the curls were super cute, but they were making him really sweaty and two people called Caleb a girl over Memorial day weekend, despite his orange and khaki Hawaiian shirt. So I snuck him in to my haircut over this past weekend and now he really looks like a big big boy.

7) Caleb is a basketball fan. We don't watch much of it but had the Pistons/Celtics game on the other night. Caleb was very into it and his dad said it was OK to stay up late to watch it...hmmm. The first video is one where Caleb noticed Dad was off much?? (Pardon the sideways shot, didn't have time to take it into another program.)

8) Caleb has been fighting a virus since Thursday night. Just fever and yucky nose with sore throat. After hours clinic said it was not strep. He did have a stomach thing yesterday that included puking at the Miss OK patron picnic. It was lovely. (Again, he said, "Oh No, Mess! over and over. Yes, Caleb, oh no mess is right!!) He is feeling much better today and just has a low grade fever but I decided to keep him home from school which makes loading stuff into the Mabee Center for pageant week a little tricky. But I thought better than sending him sick, having to go get him and not being able to take him tomorrow since he wouldn't have been fever-free for 24 hours. Of all the times to be sick!!!!!!

So that is our two weeks list format. It also includes late nights of working on teen pageant stuff, a intro into the Terrible Twos, and a hailstorm or two. Oh, and our friends from Covenant that went on a mission trip to Red Bird, KY returned home safely on Sunday night. They had an awesome experience.

Have a great week!