Monday, October 27, 2008

An Exercise in Brevity

We have our first house showing tomorrow afternoon so we are scrambling around, trying to make things picture-perfect. Therefore, this will be short and sweet (something I could work on anyway!)

So here's a quick run-down of the week:

  • Caleb cannot get enough of his puzzles. I pulled out a few wooden ones from a box of toys a friend gave us and he LOVES them. So far, we've not lost any pieces (we'll see how long that lasts).
  • There is a renewed interest in the potty. There's not been any "action" in the potty but he is very excited and willing to try and to sit there. Slight concern that he's going to give himself hemorrhoid trouble because he gets a big kick of sitting there and trying to make himself toot :)
  • Still no baby girl names. If this weren't a public blog, I'd post Aaron's email address so you could sending pressuring notes and words of "encouragement".

  • We actually went out on a date, just the two of us on Friday. Riverfield had their monthly sleepover and I turned down the opportunity to make money and let Caleb go for free so that we could go out to dinner and pay for Caleb to go. He had a great time but we did get a call in the middle of dinner telling us to expect a big goose egg on his forehead when we picked him up. Apparently Caleb wasn't using his walking feet as he pushed a stroller around and it got away from him. Here's a picture of it Saturday morning- not great but not too bad.

  • The goose egg grew considerably Sunday evening as Caleb and a windowsill had an unfortunate meeting on the exact same spot on his forehead. This is a terrible and blurry picture but one that captures the bump the best.
  • Congrats to our friends in Dallas that found out they are having a little boy in a few months. Meagan, so excited for you to discover the joys of an ever-expanding waistline followed by motherhood.
  • We got Caleb's school pictures back and they are too cute. Unfortunately, it would involve finding and hooking up the scanner to show them to you and that's just not in the cards tonight. Tune in next week, maybe.
  • Tomorrow is Caleb's gang-ga's birthday (my mom). Happy 5__th birthday, Gang-ga!

    OK, think that's it for now. We'll keep everyone posted on house, baby, new house, etc. stuff. Oh, and sorry about not having any new house pictures. We were going to get some over the weekend but it's getting to the point where it's now locked at the end of the workday and we didn't have a way to get in.

Have a great week!!


Goldsworthy Family said...

That is so funny! Jett gets a kick out of making himself toot too. Boys!! The goose egg looks familiar too. I don't know if I would recognize Jett without a bruise or scar. Hope you all have a good Halloween!

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

What would a boy be without a goose egg on his head! We're discovering the same thing!

I can't believe you haven't decided on any names yet, you're so close!! Are you dilating yet??