Monday, October 20, 2008

We're on the market!!

Not too many pictures this week partly because I wrote such a long one last week and partly because we took very few pictures. It's hard to have your camera out when you're busy painting, cleaning, sorting, dusting, decorating, staging, etc. But on to exciting news:
Our house is on the market!!!

If you want to check it out, go to this link or you can get on any real estate website and look us up by MLS# 831189. Though we would love to not be forced to close and move out of this house before our new house is ready, I am already getting tired of keeping the house 90% ready-to-show at all times. Poor Caleb will get a toy out, walk in the other room, then walk back in and I've already put it away.

Thursday the realtor was coming by to take pictures for marketing purposes. We cleaned up a lot Wednesday night (HUGE shout out to our friends Rob and Heather who came over and helped us tackle our to-do list, from touching up our trim to vacuuming dog hair off our couches!!). But there was still a lot of last minute stuff to do Thursday morning. And, of course, Caleb could probably sense my frantic-ness (is that a word??) so he was trying his very best to get into everything! Here is what I found in my closet after walking into the bedroom to make the bed. I counted after the fact and that would be 18 pairs of shoes on the floor. AHHHHH!!

Aaron and Caleb have been working on several new tricks since he has mastered all the football stuff. Here's a cute video of his "smile".

I intentionally put the cutey pie video in between the shoe disaster photo and the following picture to help remind you all (and us) that Caleb can be very sweet and adorable. However, as we move toward his second birthday, he is becoming more and more of a menace (and I use that word in the most loving and gentle way). One evening, Caleb and Aaron had finished reading a book on the couch and I was starting his bath water. He ran into his room while saying, "book, book". I walked in 10 seconds later to find Caleb had boosted himself onto his toy chest and was standing on it, looking through his bookshelf. WHAT!?!? We explained that if he wanted to get a book off that shelf (evidently the 20 books available on his level throughout the house are no good), he needed to ask mom or dad for help. "OK", he said as we set him down. Then he turned right back around and did it again. Love it! Of course, how do you catch these moments on your camera without encouraging the negative behavior? Hmmmm.

You literally cannot turn your back without him getting into something, generally something that he knows he should not be getting into. We have quite a few new decorative items out and he loves nothing more than picking them up and bringing them to wherever you may be. For the heavier items, he is careful to say "two hands" like that makes it OK. The only consolation is that we did buy the stuff on sale at Hobby Lobby so we've not invested a fortune in it if it does break into a million pieces as he runs through the house with it.

Not a whole lot going on in non-house-related news. We did give Caleb his first try at powdered donuts. Pretty funny because he took awhile to decide he liked them. In this picture, he actually had only taken a bite or two then realized it was making a mess on his black pjs so he was finished. And, for the record, that is not a twinkie in his other hand (we've yet to introduce that tasty treat), it's a Nutri-Grain bar.

Think that's about it. Progress continues on the new house. I'll try to get some pictures to post next week. Tile is going in this week then cabinets next week followed by trim. We need to pick paint colors and decide on a granite and backsplash. Oh, and somewhere in there, figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD WE ARE GOING TO NAME THIS BABY GIRL!!! Do you sense any frustration!?! Naahh! I've had it narrowed down to two names forever but Aaron says he needs one hour of peace and quiet by himself to look through the name book, online, etc. and then we'll discuss. And, in true Aaron and Emily fashion, I am not allowed to encourage/suggest/nag him about finding said hour. Hopefully, now that many of our fix-it projects are done, he will find his precious sixty minutes in the next week and we'll have some exciting name news to share.

PS-Aaron rocked on replacing fence pickets, powerwashing some things, touching up paint, etc., etc., etc. this past week in addition to all the other insane work he's put into this house.
OK, have a great week!


Heather said...

Cute as always! Glad to hear you got the house on the market...I dread doing that just for the fact that with kids, its nearly impossible to keep it all picked up all the time! At least for me! Hope you are feeling ok!