Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growin' Up

Maybe it's because Caleb's birthday is just around the corner but I am realizing that he is definitely not a little boy anymore. It seems like his vocabulary and his ability to put sentences together has just blossomed over the last few weeks. His independence is growing too, which has its benefits and drawbacks :) I think my favorite new thing he says is when he walks into a room, looks at you and says, "Mama, what doing?". It just cracks me up. This, combined with "Mama, what that?" and "Mama, help you" are all indicators that he is really almost two years old :( and that I will be answering a lot of questions from here on out (at least we haven't started the "Why?" yet!)

After my doctor's appointment last week, we ate an early lunch at Braum's. All the highchairs were nasty or broken...shocking, I know, and it confirmed my theory that you're better off driving through at Braum's than walking in and seeing how dirty it always is... so Caleb sat in the booth next to Dada without even a booster seat. He did a great job, did not squirm or anything.

Of course, as soon as I brag on him doing such a great job, he'll have a total breakdown next time we try it. That seems to be my curse lately. Like last week when I wrote about what a great job he's been doing with falling asleep in his bed, etc. From then on, we've had the toughest time getting him to bed. Well, actually, he's fine with the bed but then he will just hang out there and flop around, ask for milk, look for toys, want a book, excuse, excuse, excuse for 30+ minutes until he finally passes out. One night in particular he finally scooted himself out of bed and stood at the door, throwing a fit to see Aaron. Even after he found Aaron, he still would not calm down. I let him boo-hoo at the foot of our bed while I put laundry away and the next time I walked in, here's what I found:

Last Friday was Visiting Day at Riverfield. Mom, Caleb, and I went walking around school and worked on some fun projects in Caleb's class then we all walked over to the high school for a program/performance. Caleb's class had a very important part that starred their favorite barnyard friend, Billy Ray. The toddlers wore shirts that said "I love Billy Ray" and Billy Ray's shirt said "I love Toddlers". It was pretty funny to see a goat on a leash be dragged through the gym with Pre-School through High School parents and their families watching, while 20+ two year-olds try to feed Billy Ray some stale bread cubes. Thankfully Aaron had arrived at that point so he was able to help corral Caleb.

I think I mentioned last week that Caleb is all about the Christmas songs. His new requests are "Santa Baby" and Bing Crosby's "It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter" but he still loves his "Jingle Bells". Evidently he and Aaron were trying to open up my iTunes to play it last weekend.

Quick pic of how the Snoogle is not just for pregnant women or their lounging toddlers (as in the picture I posted last week of Caleb) but is apparently very comfy for dogs too.

OK, one more video. You'll have to pardon the fact that it is sideways. I shot it that way and it's not worth the time/effort to take it into a whole other program just to rotate it because the audio is really what's awesome about the clip. Last night, I decided to beat grocery traffic and head to Walmart around 9pm while Aaron put Caleb to bed. Here's what I heard in the monitor when I came home:

(That's my hubby, not my son, snoring like there's no tomorrow)

Several people have asked how the house-selling is going. We showed it 4 times last week, including twice to the same guy. Hopefully these will turn into offers and a contract as I am not really sure how we will manage to have a "show-ready" house when Miss Harper (and her bouncy seat, pack-n-play, swing, boppy, etc.) make their debut. It's tempting to stress out about it but this whole situation is truly out of my control so what's the point, right?

We were killing time last week while our house was being shown and ended up buying Caleb 4 new Cars (the movie) cars from Target. He was very excited to hold them in their little plastic box and cooperated very nicely by handing over the box to the cashier who needed to make it go "beep-beep" so we could take them home (think we've had a few breakdowns in the line when we have to hand over something we don't want to?!?!). On our way out, he looked up at us, sighed a big sigh, and said, "I so happy!!". Melted our hearts and made us laugh out loud. Of course, he's now added it to his repertoire since it got such a great response the first time :)

Hope that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be safe and eat lots!!


bopha said...

I love the audio clip and I'm sure Aaron does too. That is so funny, because I have the same thing except with Lincoln and Ryan harmonizing their snoring, it was quite impressive. I had a good time the other day, we need to get together more often!