Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 'Giving!

Hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a dinner with my fam Wednesday evening then they headed out to KC and we stayed put (blame Miss Harper for missing out on the Plaza lights and great shopping). It was a very nice holiday weekend, though.

Caleb helped me prepare some tasty treats early in the week - spiced pretzels. I thought he'd really get into the shake-shake-shake part but he just wanted to walk around holding the baggie. We'll make enough batches between now and January that I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.

Thursday morning we woke up and watched the Macy's parade. It is so fun that he's now old enough to "get" some of these holiday traditions. Caleb was very excited about the different balloons he saw and pointed out every drum and trumpet he heard as the bands passed. The best part was definitely at the end when Santa made his appearance.

Thursday afternoon we went to BA for Thanksgiving dinner with my "other family", the Wilsons. I grew up babysitting their boys, two of whom are now in college and the other is a high school freshman - I'M OLD!! When they knew we'd be family-less on Turkey Day they invited us over and we had a great time. Caleb's most favorite part was riding the golf cart. He wasn't too sure about it at first (the look of doubt on his face when they coasted down the grassy yard instead of the driveway was priceless) but the riders came back in one piece, with Caleb yelling for "more hills". We've heard about "golf cart fun" at least once a day since then.

Secondary to the golf cart ride, Caleb was also very excited about the early birthday presents he received - a "big guitar truck" and a "Go Sooners shirt", as he calls them. Thanks Wilsons and Pa & JJ for the gifts.

We drove through Rhema on Friday evening but did not get out so didn't have any good photo opps. Caleb really liked it though and we'll hope to go again sometime this season.

Caleb's getting quite creative with his songs. We've never really worked on ABCs but he's picking them up (or at least the first few letters and a few recognizable ones in the midst of a bunch of gibberish). Enjoy!

After meeting some friends for dinner over the weekend, Owen introduced Caleb to the concept of playing the games that are in the arcade part of some restaurants. The best part, as Owen's mom pointed out, is that they don't realize that we didn't put any money in and they aren't really playing :)

Aaron traveled to OKC to pick up Caleb's big boy furniture and borrowed our real estate companies big box truck (just one of the perks of being listed with the Briggs Team). Caleb was fascinated by it, especially when it would "beep beep" in reverse. We bundled him up on Sunday and let him stomp around in it for awhile- he was in heaven.

Sunday night Aaron put together the new twin bed. We shot a video of Caleb discovering the new addition to his bedroom but it was over 5 minutes long and I gave up on uploading it successfully. So here's a picture instead.

Harper is still hanging in there and there's been no action so far. Hopefully she'll hang on for another week so that the scheduled C-Section thing pans out :) We actually took some photos for Caleb's second birthday and a few maternity ones over the weekend (figured we might one day want more than a fleeting shot of my belly in the background of a few Caleb pictures to commemorate this second baby). Hopefully we'll get some proofs back soon and we can post them here. Caleb was in a very silly mood; it was cute for awhile but then was just frustrating because he was not interested in being still or looking at the camera. I don't know how you photographer-types deal with it!

Of course this week's big news is that Caleb turns 2. I'll save that for another post!

Have a great week!



Goldsworthy Family said...

Emily, he is so handsome. Doesn't time fly?!? I love his Firetruck pillow! I dread the whole big boy bed transition. Something tells me that it won't go very smoothly in my house:)