Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She's Here!!!

Harper Grace Walton joined us this morning at 8:26. We weren't quite expecting the monster that we got, but what a beautiful gift is was. When we went to the doctor on Thursday, she was measuring just a couple of ounces under 8 pounds, so we assumed that she would end up around 8-5... Or, how about 9-5... Yes, exactly what I said (Aaron) to the nurse, "what did you just say?" And, the nurse repeated for me, "9 pounds, 5 ounces." Wow. Bigger than Caleb; we would have never guessed. Caleb continues to be off the growth charts, so who knows what we've got on our hands!

When the word got back to Riverfield this morning, (Caleb was at school) several people went into the classroom and mentioned that "Harper's here!" or "the baby is here", which sent Caleb into a panic of excitement, running to the door wondering where she was, and then into a meltdown when he couldn't find her! So sad... But, aside from a couple of meltdowns, he had an overall good day at school and was very excited to make a trip to the hospital to see "HarpHarp Grapes" that the doctor took out of mama's belly.

(Caleb w/ Aunt Mo)
Emily is doing great, recovering from the surgery, so I'm sure you'll hear more from her when we get home Thursday. Sorry this is short, but I've got Caleb asleep, Grandma is on her way, and I'll be back to the hospital!
How humbled we are by the blessings that God has placed upon us.

As "Eeyore" says, "Thanks for noticing..."


Heather Horton said...

Em and Aaron! She is sooo beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her! Congrats you two! God Bless!

Lisa said...

She is a beauty!!! You must all be quite excited to be so blessed.

And Emily, can't believe you had such a big baby when you are so tiny.

Aaron, thanks for posting the pictues so quickly. (You look good too.)

Enjoy, enjoy. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so happy she's here and healthy. You guys are such a precious family! Congratulations!!

Kristi W.

bopha said...

Happy Birthday, Harper! She is absolutely adorable and for your sake, I'm glad you had a C-section!

Stephen and Delana said...

Congratulations! What a blessing, she's absolutely beautiful!

Kimberly said...

Welcome to the world, Harper Grace! She is absolutely beautiful (just like her mommy) and I can't wait to meet her! Congratulations and take care!

Kristin said...

She is beautiful and we are happy to hear you both are doing fine- oh and Caleb and Aaron too :) We miss you all so much and hope we can introduce Harper and Addison to each other soon and perhaps the Lord's path will lead us back to Tulsa one day. Love, The Schriks

Kristina and Kyle said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see more pictures or even in person soon! Little girls melt your heart in a total different way (especially daddy's!)