Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Week Update

Sorry that this will be so brief but I figure I'd better cut the blog short and go get my bag packed since we have to head out for the hospital tomorrow morning at 6am.

Great birthday week for Mr. Caleb. See captions above each pic:

Opening presents from parents early Wednesday morning

Class snack time to celebrate his special day

Class project- making an ornament out of natural materials that will hang on the tree in their playground

Caleb trying to squeeze his 32 pounds back in to the baby carrier

Caleb climbing up on the crib to practice peeking in on Baby Girl Harper

Caleb's family "party" - opening presents with Grandma, G-Dad, Granny, and Grandpa

Caleb enjoying his car-themed cupcake-cake (pre-icing photo)

Caleb after enjoying his cupcake-cake, giving a high five

There are several video clips that I hope to get around to posting but they take so long to upload that you'll just have to be satisfied with these.

OH, and for all of you that have asked for belly photos, here is one we took last Friday night after our Sunday School Christmas party. Not going to win Miss Photogenic any time soon but not horrible either. Gotta love shiny face (though I've always battled that, regardless of pregnancy!)

Well, depending on when most of you check this, we'll have another Walton in the world by the time you read these very words. Crazy crazy, but very exciting. Keep checking as I am sure Aaron will post pics and info as soon as he can.

Have a great week!