Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots of Catch Up

Here' s the last three weeks in a nutshell...enjoy!

Harper grows more and more animated every day. This means she is not sleeping as much and is letting us know when she is dissatisfied with things more often, which means my scant free time is even less now :) She is still a smiling, sweet girl.

Because there's still no living room furniture, we spend a lot of time up in the game room. Here's Caleb and Harper enjoying some Little Einsteins.

We've set up our computers in the guest room for now (until we find office furniture we like). The dogs liked to jump up on the bed and sit in the sunshine. Caleb wanted to join them one morning. I've since banned the dogs from the bed because, even though it wasn't expensive bedding, it is new and I imagine our guests would like to sleep on a dog hair-free zone.

Here's a picture from last fall that I just came across. Our Sunday School class had a tailgate party to advertise our class. It was in the church parking lot and was a family event. Here are Caleb and his buds.

Caleb and I ventured to the park in our neighborhood shortly after we moved in. He really liked the slide.

This big hill is right by the park. Caleb and I decided we would climb up it to get to the path on top, rather than walking around. We got about 1/2 way up and I realized it was quite a bit steeper than it looks, but we made it.

Here's the walking path around the lake. Our house doesn't back up to the lake but we do have a nice view from our front door between our neighbor's houses.

Morgan celebrated her 26th birthday on Feb. 21st. She had her first bridal shower that afternoon then we all went out for bowling that night (her request). It was a lot of fun and Aunt Debbie and our cousin Jill came in from out of town for the festivities. Thanks to Debbie for the banana bread (long gone) and Jill for the pictures, pizza, and gin and tonics at the bowling alley.

Here's a video of Caleb when we first started bowling. His enthusiasm waned quickly but he was very excited at first.

Week 12, I realized Harper was big enough for the Bumbo seat. Yeah, another 'holding area' for her.

There is a donut shop on the corner by our house. Caleb saw a firetruck there one day and asked what kind of store it was. A few days later, Caleb and I had a special treat together when we stopped by the donut store on our way to school. I think everyone at Riverfield heard about Caleb's green sprinkle donut that day.

We've had crazy swings in weather but enjoyed an 80-degree day a few weeks ago at the zoo with our friend Owen and his mom. I think the boys might have enjoyed the playground just as much as the animals.

I didn't realize my camera was still on video instead of photo, but the result is cute I think.

I bought Caleb his own chair for the patio. However, on this day, he was enjoying the chair inside.

Finally, we took a picture of the front of the house. It is now painted with shutters and gutters on (minus one that needs to be re-done because it was built the wrong size). The garage is to the left, you just can't see the driveway.

Harper really likes to chew and suck on her hands. I don't know if she's pre-teething (Caleb had his first tooth at 4 months, I think) or if she's going to be our thumb-sucker.

Gotta love Girl Scout cookie time. This is Caleb's "I am a cookie monster" face. (Notice him squeezing in to the Bumbo seat. He keeps calling it a potty. I'm hoping he doesn't try to use it as such.)

We spent several nice evenings out on our porch recently. It was warm enough to leave the doors open so Aaron could be working on a project inside but still talk with us. I really love having all the mature trees; it's so cool to wake up and hear birds chirping.

Caleb hung out at Grandma and G-Dad's last weekend and also enjoyed their porch. Busy busy guy.

Caleb and Harper snuggling. He continues to be so sweet and thoughtful with regard to his sister. And she is interactive enough now that he'll make a face at her and she'll laugh at him, which makes him laugh back at her. So cute!!

Forgot to mention last time that Harper had her 2 mo. check up. She weighed in at 13 lbs. 13 ounces and 24 1/2 inches long. That is off the charts for both, but a little smaller than Caleb at his 2 mo. check up.

What else do I have to report? Let's see...I was sick as a dog last week with body ache, high fever, chills, cough, etc. etc. The worst was Thursday but I was feeling much better by the weekend and now just need to shake this old lady cough.
When you have a second, check out and notice the renovated site, complete with a picture of the cutest toddler ever seen. I didn't have a thing to do with that picture being there, I promise.

This weekend is my sister's bachelorette party in KC. It should be a fun time but I do feel somewhat over the hill. I can just see me sitting in the car saying, "You guys go on in, I need to sit in here and pump for awhile." Ha!

We are making furniture progress- ordered a dining set and purchased and assembled a kitchen table and chairs. I think our main issue with the living room is that we're not totally sure how we want to set it up and what pieces we want (couch and love seat vs. couch and two chairs, etc.). We do have our piano in the alcove now. THANKS to the Reids for keeping it for the past several months at their house.

I am sure there are many many things or cute quips and quotes that I am forgetting. I hate it because this is supposed to be my outlet for such things and when I only update every other week or so, I forget them. Sorry kids, you have a bummer of baby book :)

Have a great week!


Lisa said...

Harper is absolutely beautiful!!! Can't wait to hold her. Caleb is so very handsome and your new house is lovely. You are on a roll, kiddo! Your birth announcements were pretty nifty too.

We're still waiting for our little bundle of joy. Sigh.

Meagan said...

Such fun pictures! In your announcement I thought Harper looked like Morgan, but now I'm thinking she's going to look like you. Too cute!

Hope you're having fun getting settled into the new house. It looks wonderful!

Stephen and Delana Mota said...

You have a beautiful house! =) The kiddos are adorable and continue to entertain through the fun stories you share. These kids have a great baby book! ;)

Goldsworthy Family said...

Hey Em! Kiddo's are as adorable as ever. I am glad you all are getting settled in. Warning though...mature trees are wonderful, but be ready to rake!!

Torres Family said...

I cracked up at your pumping comment. I feel the same way! It's really bad when you you find your two year old 'pumping'. I walked into our room and Mason had the pump hooked up correctly with it on his booby saying, "Look Mommy I pump my booby too."