Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time is Tickin' Away, Tick Tick Tickin' Away

Besides being the title of a great DC Talk song, this blog title really sums up life these days. While I feel like I am able to at least keep my head above water, I do wonder where the days, hours, and minutes go. I think my to-do list will never be complete and that I add twice as many new tasks as old ones I check off. Which almost tempts me to not even make a list but those of you that know me know that I could make it about 1/2 a day without my lists :)

Here's cutie patootie- staring at her hands and figuring out how they work. She already has a pretty lengthy attention span, not to brag or anything, and will really be attentive to books we read or shows that are on TV (don't call DHS on me yet, she doesn't get to watch all that often).

We had some snow several weeks ago after a few days of 80 degree weather - gotta love Oklahoma in the spring. Here's Miss H in her colorful handmade hat (thanks April!).

Here's Caleb enjoying the big white flakes.

Caleb's new favorite hangout place is our bed. This is perhaps because we still have no furniture for him to sit on downstairs so the bed wins by default. The good news is that when we were in KC a few weekends ago, we ventured to Nebraska Furniture Mart and found most of the items we need. Just FYI, if you are looking for great deals and an almost-overwhelming selection (82 acres of furniture, seriously!), it is worth the trip.

Speaking of KC, we went there for my sister's bachelorette bash. We had a great time and I think the party girls got more sleep than Aaron and the kiddos did at Aunt Debbie's house, bless their hearts.

With the warm temps, we've spent more fun time out on the deck. This was Caleb's green shirt for St. Patty's day. Harper also had green on but spit up all over her outfit as I was getting the camera out. She spits up so much more than Caleb ever did. She doesn't really seem uncomfortable but I sometimes wonder about reflux because it can be an hour since she's eaten and everything will just come right back up.

Harper continues to be more and more engaged in conversations and likes to make eye contact and interact. She was especially convivial (big word award!) on this night but quieted down a little by the time we got the camera out.

We did quite a bit of spring/summer clothes shopping the last few weeks (which now seems pointless since it is very cold and rainy with snow predicted overnight). Caleb also had to get some gear for his upcoming soccer experience. More on that later! Anyway, here is Caleb in one of his favorite new outfits.

Here's a pretty recent pic of Harper. I covered up her "business" for modesty's sake but you do miss the impressive leg rolls and big belly. Girlfriend doesn't miss too many meals!

We had to get creative with babysitting during Spring Break since our regular sitter was gone but I still had to work. So H hung out with grandma one day. They had a great time but Mom did comment that Harper was awake enough that her list of to-dos didn't see much action. This was no newsflash to me (see opening paragraph) but was funny because I took Harper to work with me the day before and she literally slept for 4 1/2 hours straight. Harper on a walk with grandma.

When Caleb and I went to pick up Harper, we went on a walk and stayed for dinner. Grandma had a great helper to push the stroller.

One night this week, Harper was up while we were getting Caleb settled for bed. Here's a typical nutty night at our house. Caleb's running commentary cracks me up. And, as you can see, Harper is getting thisclose to rolling over. Aaron and I agree we don't remember Caleb making such a concentrated effort to accomplish this.

Caleb has been doing a great job on the potty this week. We certainly aren't ready to be diaper free but he's gone on the big potty at least once a day everyday. At school, they are going to start asking him if he wants to "take a turn" when the other kids do. To encourage the process, I bought him some big boy undies this week. He was very proud and wanted to wear them on top of his diaper but I told him that's not how it worked. We'll see how we continue to progress.

I am sure Caleb will ring my neck one day for posting this and that maybe the blog police will shut me down for using inappropriate language, but this video is too funny not to be shared. I'll just say that Caleb had a lot of fruit and veggies over last weekend and was a little "raw" in the diaper area, if you catch my drift. And I attended a continuing ed class once where the speaker said it was very important to use proper terminology with your children regarding their private parts. Bet you can't wait to push play, eh?

So Caleb and his friend started the Lil' Kickers program yesterday at Soccer City. I had let Owen's mom know about a good sale at Kohl's and we joked about how the boys would show up in the same outfit. Then they really did - ha!

Here's Caleb in action. It is a very fun class and I got lots of exercise. This is mainly because Caleb wasn't using his best listening ears so I had to keep chasing after him to get him back to the group. I definitely determined that we'll get there right on time next week so he doesn't have a chance to run around like crazy then have to calm down and listen to his coach.

Here they are stomping on bubbles.

The funniest part of the session was when they were playing Red Light Green Light. The coach would say, "Green light" and everyone would take off. When she called, "Red light", Caleb would stop, but then yell out, "Green light" himself and take off, and then his teammates would follow. No matter how many times I tried to explain that only the coach got to say "Red light" or "Green light" it didn't matter. We will be working on this before next week :)

Other funny things that Caleb has been up to:

  • He is a total parrot. He has entertained us with "Here's the deal" (something I say all the time) to "OK team let's go" and "I cannot believe it!" (courtesy of Little Einsteins) and "It's such a beautiful day" (that would be from my mom), and my fave "That's a good idea, mommy! Good job!".
  • When we went out to eat with friends last weekend he said "Bye Rob, bye Ha-ha". When I asked him about saying bye to the baby in Ha-ha's belly, he said, "Bye Harper!". Well, kinda...
  • He is really getting into pretending. He'll say "let's pretend mama's car is Rocket" and then want to buckle his seat belt and blast off. Or he'll say, "Pretend to be a fish" and make a fish face.

And in a paragraph of venting, I have been insulted on Harper's behalf twice recently. Once was when we were at Walmart and an old lady was being friendly to Caleb while Harper was asleep in her carrier in the cart. Then she told Caleb he sure was cuter than his little sister. Say what?!?! And the second one was today when an insurance guy came by to take pictures and measurements for our home owner's policy. The guy said, "Hey little fella" even though she was dressed in a pink and brown outfit. We will be changing insurance providers soon, I assure you. I am trying not to have a complex about this but will apparently be permanently affixing a bow to her head and will dress her only in frilly pink dresses.

We had a fun time out last night with my friend Heidi and her hubby in celebration of our birthdays (we share 3/25, but are just a few years apart) at In the Raw. Yum! My birthday present from Aaron and the kiddos is a wii and wii fit. We've not actually purchased it yet but I am super excited. I am sure the wii will have me in supermodel-worthy shape in no time, right?

One more thing: Congrats to my longtime friend, Meagan, on the arrival of their bundle of joy last week. Can't wait to see him in person at Mo's wedding!

OK, enough writing. Have a great one and stay warm!


Ethel said...

WOW, that was such a great post. All kinds of great info for
"The Walton Fans".
I think Miss Harper is very feminine. She has such pretty expressive eyes.
Love the soccer video.
Zach got Missy a Wii Fit this week too.
Have a fun snowy weekend

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Em!!!! (I'm running behind, as usual.) Both children are beyond adorable. Your insurance man must be daft. Plus, congrats on the big OU win tonight. You really are on a roll.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that lady said that. Who says things like that?!?!? People are crazy.

Kimberly W (aka Owen's Mom)

Chelsea said...

Very cute post. Very entertaining. They're getting so big. I can't wait to see them in a few weeks. And as far as the insults I know what you mean, it's so frustrating. Harper looks like a girl, some people just always asume boy, not sur why. My little one has worn all pink with her little Pebbles hair do and I still get, "Cute baby. Boy or girl?" Sometimes I just feel like saying "boy". See if they say say, "Why's he wearing pink?" Then I'll say dumb question gets a dumb answer. I'm kidding of course, but still.

La familia de Chesser said...

Hey Em! I'm not exactly sure how I came across your blog, but just wanted to say how cute your kiddos are! I suppose Harper is very close in age to Cole? He was born 12/1/08. Anyways, say 'hi' to your parents for me, hope all is well! -Dawn 'Mayfield' Chesser