Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pageant Week (week 27 for Caleb)


Caleb was a total and complete angel all week long. What a trooper he was- from being up at ORU all day to attending some of the evening prelim competitions to staying with babysitters several nights in a row. Of course, everyone he met up at the Mabee Center thought he was adorable (duh!). I don't have tons of pictures from the week but several people took different ones that hopefully I'll get in the future and be able to post. A big thanks to our friends Laura and Nick for watching Caleb so much this week; hopefully it was good practice for them in the future (or good birth control!!). Thanks also to Mom and Morgan for helping with Caleb, to Dad for being a wonderful judges' host, and to Aaron for being willing to do anything he could to make this week run smoothly.

The big news of the week is that "my" girls did awesome- Megan won rookie talent on her night, Damaris won rookie and overall talent on her night. Then last night, both made the Top 10 and Damaris went on to be named 4th runner up. I certainly can't take much of the credit but was so very very proud of them. Hopefully I'll get a few pictures of me with the girls to post but in the meantime you can go to to see pictures of the events.

Here is a picture of Caleb from Tuesday night's prelim. It was the only Miss prelim he went to and he was really well behaved, especially considering it started around his bedtime. He fought sleep the whole evening, like he was going to miss something exciting and loved the sparkly dresses and the fun images on the video screens. The opening number music was so loud that we covered his ears and even used earplugs. He really had a good time, even though he looks a little unhappy in this picture.

The teen pageant went off without a hitch. We are very excited to have Jamie Butemeyer, Miss South OKC's teen, as our 2007 winner. Aaron has already updated the teen website so you can go to to see more. We have 7 weeks before Jamie leaves for the national pageant in Orlando- thankfully she is very well prepared so it will be busy but not impossible. Our pageant theme was "Spice It Up" and we did just that by secretly deciding to have a Top 12 instead of a Top 10 during our Finals. It was so fun to watch the reactions of the girls onstage and hear the collective gasp of the audience when the emcee made the announcement.

Needless to say, we are all totally exhausted. Caleb woke up this morning around 6:00 but thankfully went back to sleep after I fed him. This is from yesterday afternoon with even Lilah lounging on the couch. Caleb's hair was gelled up in honor of Kent, the pageant's producer, who really took a liking to Caleb over the week. We knew we would see him Saturday morning when we went to move our stuff out of the Mabee Center so we got it all spiked up. Ha!

Caleb also got to hang out with Miss America several times throughout the week. As I mentioned last Sunday, he got a special VIP badge. We had Lauren sign it so we could put it in his scrapbook, unless he eats and destroys it first :)

I have about 5 more loads of laundry to do and we are heading out of town later this week to go to family reunion in Kansas City. I am very excited because we are going a day early so Aaron and I can go to Worlds of Fun while Aunt Debbie watches Caleb. I haven't been on a roller coaster in forever and can't wait!!

Have a great week!