Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week 29- a baptism and all sorts of things leading up to it


I just spent 45 minutes writing this and the oh-so-handy autodraft feature saved immediately after I highlighted one word which made 3/4 of the blog apparently disappear for no reason. GRRRRRR!!!!

So here's the cliff's notes version:

1)Caleb was baptized today. The following people were there: both sets of grandparents, Aunt Morgan, and honorary aunts Heidi (and her family), Mandy, and Damaris. You can watch the service at this link. We are about 9 minutes into the service if you want to fast forward. Caleb slept through the entire thing but looked really cute. We all went to First Watch to eat after church. Hopefully Aaron's mom will have a decent picture as the one taken with our camera turned out all blurry.

2)Caleb got his first haircut on Thursday. Our friend Michelle at b. jolie salon and spa cut it for us. After the haircut we met Heidi at Kathleen's Kids and she bought Caleb the really cute romper outfit he wore today at the baptism. Thanks Michelle and Heidi!!

3)We found a whole new set of toys for Caleb to play with that were marked 6 months+. He really likes them, especially his ring set.

4)Caleb had his 6 month pictures taken on Thursday. Our friend Betsy, who took his newborn and 2 month pics, took these as well. You can get a sneak peak at her blog: They turned out soooo well - thanks Betsy. If anyone is interested in having some in home photos taken (what a nice convenience it is not to travel!), you should look her up.

5)Caleb's Grandpa and Grandma Walton came in town on Friday evening and left today after lunch. He enjoyed hanging out with them, especially when Grandma helped Caleb bounce on the side of the pool as Aaron and Frank filled it up. We also made a group trip to Sam's- Caleb's first time there.

Here's the part of the original post that didn't disappear:

After Grandma and Grandpa Walton left, we ventured out to the pool which was much warmer than the last time we tried it. Caleb LOVED it and especially liked chewing on the float. We hung out for quite awhile and even blew up my big silver mat so I could catch some rays. Hopefully we'll have a chance to get out there some more this week. He was really pooped afterward, as you can tell by the pic at the top of the blog, where he literally passed out while holding his 29 weeks sign.

Caleb gets to go to VBS this week because his babysitter is helping there. My mom is excited because she'll get to see him some before she leaves for Tanzania on Wednesday morning. I think she is more concerned about leaving Caleb than she has ever been about leaving us when she's gone on mission trips before :( There's usually a link on the church website for updates on the mission, etc. that I'll post when I get it so you can keep up to date with what she's doing over there.

OK, sorry for the bitter start to the blog. Just makes me a wee bit frustrated when all my hard work and wonderful writing bites the dust for no apparent reason. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

That was such a cute baptism. I was afraid he was going to get really upset when Tom put the water on him. Todd wanted me to tell you that it doesn't count since he was asleep, so you're going to need to do it again.
Your pool looks sweet, when can we come over and try it out?


Anonymous said...

Caleb is so cute! I just love the little outfit he was wearing to get his haircut. It seems like he was a good boy for the haircut. Wait till he is 2 and 3! Then, it will take one person to hold the screaming child while the other chops the mop the best they can. Sometimes, I think Matthew looks better BEFORE the haircut rather than after... :)

Kristi W

Heather said...

I can't get the baptism link to work :( But the pics that Betsy took are too adorable. You guys really do make such a cute lil' baby....maybe its time to start thinking of another!!!!! hehe!