Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 42- Yucky Cold Continues and Vocabulary Expands

Colds are gross and nasty things. I can't tell you how many snotty-sleeved shirts (Caleb's and mine) were in the wash this weekend. He spent much of Monday coughing then we were up for 3 hours in the middle of the night with what I guess you call "the croup". Caleb and I spent quality time in a bathroom full of steam at about 2am. It didn't do anything for his cough but did get his hair and my hair really curly :)

Because of the rough night and still feeling crummy, he stayed home from school on Tuesday, with me in the morning and with my mom in the afternoon. With his cough and constant running nose, we let him sleep with us some this week. Here's the poor sicky in the big bed. (Think it's time for those pjs to hit the outgrown clothes bin??)

Caleb has been adding more words to his vocabulary this week. So far he's mastered "ball", "duck", and "turtle". He also sometimes likes to repeat "this", like when you say, "Caleb, what's this?" to try to get him to identify what you're holding. Instead of saying "ball" (or whatever you're holding), he says, "this". Already a smart alec! Here's some video of his expanding vocab:

Now that Caleb is pulling up and cruising from one piece of furniture to another, he's renewed his interest in the piano. Because it's digital, it's not usually on and therefore doesn't play when he holds on to the keys, but when I switch it on and he gets to make "music" he thinks its too funny. I put him up on the bench but instead of sitting and playing, he immediately pulled up to stand over the keyboard. Watch out Liberace!

Last week I posted a picture of Caleb playing with his new doorway toy. We got a bag of other toys from the same people and I went through it on Thursday. There were some great puzzles and a bag of Bristle Blocks (oh the memories!) but by far the biggest hit is this crazy souped-up Subaru car. This video is hilarious. I bet I've watched it 20+ times and laugh every time.

Here's a cute shot of Caleb in one of Aaron's hats. He usually doesn't cooperate when you put anything on his head (which is why we've been doing trial runs around the house with the head covering part of his Halloween costume) but he kept this one on for several minutes.

Aaron and I went to the OU/TU game on Friday night with some friends. It was nerve wracking in the beginning but eventually the Sooners pulled away for the big victory that landed them back at #3 in the AP Poll. Caleb stayed with the family that used to watch him during the day (before he went to Riverfield) and everyone had a blast. Their 3 girls really missed him and thought he had grown so much. They were very amused by the tricks he had learned in the last month.

Saturday morning was Caleb's third haircut. Though he was more squirmy this time than he had been before, he was still well behaved, especially after Michelle gave him two combs to play with. I got my eyebrows waxed while we were there; it's amazing what a difference little things like that can make! Here's a shot of Caleb with the new big boy haircut. Michelle showed me how to give him a little faux-hock for his school pictures on Tuesday.

Of course I've been agonizing over what he will wear for the photos. It's still pretty warm to wear some of the cute longsleeved stuff he has, plus you don't want to try too hard and dress him up too much so that he looks out of place in the class picture. I've got it narrowed down to three things, so we'll see.

In excellent news, my Chiefs WON today over the Vikings. Yippee! It wasn't glorious or a landslide but it was a win :)

Think that's about it for now. Have a great week!


Ethel said...

I'm glad Caleb is feeling better. Love the curly hair. Your curly do was always my favorite for you too, remember?
The bee-bop action when he sees the car is hilarious.
He is soooo smart I'm happy to see you all enjoying him.

Anonymous said...

Em... I had to prepare myself before even OPENING this blog page b/c I knew that I'd find pics of Caleb looking so grown up. I haven't been on your site in a while and I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! But I am so excited to read all the days I've missed and see all the PRECIOUS pics. He looks like a little man!!!! So handsome and grown up :) Also- I have a yucky cold too, same thing as Caleb. YUCK, it needs to go away asap!
How are YOU? I love you so much!

Heather said...

Glad that Caleb is feeling better! I think its just in the air lately for sure! I LOVE his hair!!!! Gotta love the curl! :) He is just growing SO stinking fast! Seems like just the other day I was checking on here to see if you had had him yet!!!! WOW! I always enjoy seeing the videos you put up, but I think the groovin' video this time tops them all :)