Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 43

We recovered from the cold and congestion in just enough time to prepare for a stomach virus this week. Lovely! Caleb woke up around midnight Tuesday night puking and kept it up until the morning. Poor little fella was just miserable. He was feeling much better even by mid-morning but he didn't have much of an appetite and was having "loose" poops. He has kept that up pretty consistently the rest of the week- we've gone through like a pack of diapers and MANY clothes and pj changes. You can just hear his little tummy gurgling then know you need to get him to the changing table ASAP. With multiple diaper changes in the middle of the night, we just gave in and kept him with us in bed (I know, I know, we're starting bad habits...but he is in his own bed as I write).

Then I woke up Thursday feeling a little iffy but went on to work (making up time from the day before when I was home with a puny Caleb) and proceeded to throw up multiple times, including once on the side of the Creek Turnpike. I headed to my mom's house around noon to pick up Caleb but was so sick I just stayed over there and took a nap. I was rounding the bend that evening but didn't feel great until Saturday.

In the midst of all this fun, Caleb learned a great new trick or two this week. The first is too funny, though he wasn't able to use it near enough during the OU game yesterday. Yep, he's learned how to signal "touchdown" and tries to say it too. Here's a picture and a video:

The second entertaining thing is something he picked up on his own while playing in the dog toys. We bought this toy several years ago for Sam, who promptly bit the nose off and never really played with it again.

And here's what Caleb figured out to do with it. It doesn't have a squeaker in it; he just taught himself how to make music with it.

I think there's a time in parenthood when you shake your head because you spend $$ on all sorts of fancy new toys and yet your child prefers to play with something that's not even really a a doorstop. About a month ago, I took Caleb into the laundry room with me as I folded clothes and he found the magical doorstop. Now he makes a beeline for it whenever he spies it, as was the case on Friday. And later, as quick-moving Caleb snuck past me in the bathroom and pulled up on the toilet, I heard a "plop" and, sure enough, there was the doorstop in the bottom of the bowl. Thankfully I had cleaned it recently.

Now that he's getting more and more mobile, we got out Caleb's little arm chair for him to play with. He really just wallers around in it unless you sit him in it, like I did for this picture. (As you can see, we spent a lot of time in our pjs this week). Doesn't he look so grown up?

My parents and sister came over Saturday night to have early cake and ice cream for my dad's birthday (which is really Tuesday- happy birthday, Artie Fartie!). Morgan was on her way back to OKC so her dogs hung out in the backyard. Caleb was very interested in these big doggies.

As I mentioned above, Caleb still is having trouble with the "big D" (and I don't mean Dallas) and we were worried about him getting dehydrated so we took him to the after hours clinic this afternoon. The doctor said we should try switching to a lactose free formula since diarrhea over 24 hours can give a baby temporary lactose intolerance. He also said that Caleb had an ear infection, which probably doesn't have anything to do with his tummy troubles but is obviously a problem. I thought we were going to make it to birthday #1 without taking antibiotics but oh well. He is cleared to go back to school tomorrow which is fun because it is Spirit Week and tomorrow is PJ Day. We have some cute ones picked out but given his diaper issues, I'll have to pack a few extra sets too.
Well, we just couldn't believe that the Sooners lost but at least so many others in the Top 10 did too. Chiefs pulled off a huge upset against the Chargers today which was awesome!! Makes me very very excited that we are going to the KC vs. Jacksonville game next Sunday, my first live NFL experience!

OK, way too long and I've got to get ready to head to school/work tomorrow.
Have a great one!!


Kimberly said...

Hope you all are feeling better by now!