Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 49 - Loving the Walker

Will be quick tonight as I am feeling under the weather and our camera is having issues downloading pictures. We had a good and pretty uneventful week. Pictures below are of fun with cool whip (yeah!), playing on the back porch in the nice weather, and "chillin" in front of the fridge.

Caleb's newest fun toy is his cart that he pushes around (and around and around) the house. It was great to watch him figure out how to slow down when transitioning from carpet to tile and how to turn corners. It's so fun to watch those wheels turning. We're not totally comfortable with him just taking off by himself so one of us is always close behind.

Here's another funny video clip. Caleb has started making this hooting noise that he started one day when he heard the dogs howling. I think we laughed about it enough that now he just makes the face all the time, even when he's not doing his whistle/hoot.

OK, that's about it. My mom is back from a short mission trip to Mexico as of 9:00 tonight. It's always nice to have mom/grandma back on Tulsa soil.

Have a good one!


Meagan said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Trust me - you didn't ruin skiing for me! I had a wonderful time on the trip when we weren't skiing and my face was still on! :) I loved singing Hey Jude from the chair lifts, many, many times! Enjoy your week with your little man. He's looking so grown up!