Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week 51- Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe that Thursday was Caleb's last "first holiday". This time last year, we were patiently (OK, impatiently) waiting Caleb's arrival. Here he is in his handsome Thanksgiving dinner outfit.

We left early Thursday morning for Kansas City. Caleb had a great time with our relatives, especially his cousin Ada that's 2 months younger than he is and Quinn who is 3 1/2.

Perhaps Caleb's favorite thing about Thanksgiving was the lime he found in Aunt Debbie's fruit basket. He was very rarely without it. My mom jokingly said she was going to take back the birthday presents she bought him to get him a bag of limes. She was kidding...I think.

Friday morning the girls went shopping (some purchases for Christmas presents, some for ourselves!). That night the whole gang (15 of us) went to the Plaza to see the lights and eat at an Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo. It was loud and hectic but good food. Plus I got to stop in at the MAC store, which is always a bonus for me. The Plaza was cold but Caleb and Quinn were bundled up against the wind and frigid temps.

My dad has been working on teaching Caleb "close your eyes, open your eyes" for several months now. He finally got it this weekend. It is hilarious as you can see in the video below.

Saturday morning we woke up to light snow fall. Caleb and his cousins thought it was pretty fun.

We stayed in KC through Saturday watching a wonderfully victorious Bedlam game and then stayed to watch the MU/KU game. I didn't really have a preference on who won that one but our family in MO are huge Mizzou fans. Of course now we will play them in the Big 12
Championship next weekend. Should be an intense and interesting showdown. Makes me nervous to hear the sports commentators say that it's difficult to beat a team twice in a season. We shall see.

Busy week as we prepare for Caleb's birthday party next Sunday and his birthday on Monday. YIPPEE!! I can't believe it's almost here.


Lisa said...

Love, love, love the picture of y'all with Debbie's family. Seeing it sealed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend for me. Thanks for sharing. And a very happy birthday to that darling Caleb.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

I love the "snowman" hat with the carrot nose! Their first year really does fly by, and it keeps getting more fun each year!

Heather said...

I LOVE the argyle vest he was wearing!!! So adorable. He is such a big lil'man now!! I hope I get to see him on Friday with you!!

Anonymous said...

ok so i'm excited for birthday party pics to be posted!!! i also need your address! can you myspace it to me or email it to me?
your little man is growing up so fast. i am sad to miss it :( Wish I could see him in person.
I love you.
Love Temperance

Anonymous said...

ok this is my second attempt at leaving a comment---
I think I said 1- I am so excited to see BIRTHDAY PARTY PICS that i'm sure you'll be posting soon.
2- your little man is growing up so fast-- I wish I could witness it in person.
and 3- I need your address! maybe i'll actually write it down on something this time... i'm horrible about that. usually i'll just address the envelope right away and not bother writing it down for safe keeping. just myspace it or email it to me!
i miss you a billion!!!
Love Temp.