Sunday, February 3, 2008

14 Months, Chuck E. Cheese, and NO MORE LEMONADE!

Caleb is usually the topic of this blog but I think I'll take this time to say HOORAY that Aaron and I survived the Master Cleanse. It was really strange, albeit wonderful, to go back to eating again. Aaron lost 16 pounds and I lost just over 10. Now the trick will be to eat healthfully and exercise so that it doesn't come back (something we didn't do too well at tonight while watching the Superbowl). In retrospect, it was really not all that horrible. Not that I'll sign up to do it again next week or anything...

OK, onto the reason I we created the blog: Caleb. Can you believe our little man is 14 months old today?!? Hard to imagine.

We enjoyed a fairly "normal" week, though he did miss school last Monday since his pink eye made a reappearance. He's all fixed up now and ready for his tubes on Thursday morning. I am hoping this solves all the ear infection issues so wish us luck.

Caleb is in desperate need of a haircut. Never is this more obvious than when he wakes up from a nap. This particular day he woke up looking like a rooster. Getting a trim is on this week's to-do list.

Here are a few funny pictures. 1) Caleb asleep in the high chair watching PBS Sprout TV 2) Caleb enjoying these smily-shaped mashed potatoes and nuggets I found at Super Walmart last week 3) Caleb stuck in his Bumbo seat which we lent to our friends that had us over for the Super Bowl tonight. It was pretty entertaining to see him try to wiggle free of it.

We were finally well enough to attend our Thursday afternoon playgroup this week. It was a big adventure: our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Not surprisingly, it has changed quite a bit since it was Show Biz Pizza back in the mid-80s. Caleb and his friends were a little too young to get into all the games but had a good time and really liked the giant animated Chuck E. serenading us while we ate pizza (which was always the part I hated). He was a little out of sorts when we first got there, so our trip to the "sketch me" booth was not super successful, as you can see below.

He also wasn't sure about sitting in a car that rocked back and forth and didn't really get the concept of the whack-a-mole. Oh well, give him a few years and I will have to drag him out kicking and screaming.

In other news, we are beginning to consider moving. So, we spent a good portion of the weekend looking at houses all over town. Today we went to several houses that were in the same neighborhood so instead of getting Caleb in and out of his carseat over and over, I just let him sit in the back with me. He thought this was a huge deal and really enjoyed the freedom.

So the Super Bowl was not very exciting and definitely didn't turn out the way I would have hoped. And Caleb was active enough that I didn't really get to watch any commercials either. I am sure the top ones will be all over the internet tomorrow so I didn't really miss out on much.

OK, off to bed. Well, off to finish up some laundry, put the dogs' new pillows in their crates, get Caleb's bag ready for the morning, start the dishwasher, brush my teeth, and then go to bed.
Have a great week!


Heather said...

Yay! Congrats on surviving the Master Cleanse :) That is my first 'to do' as soon as I wean P. I always say it, but Mr. Caleb is one cute kid!!!

Meagan said...

Hey Em,
Glad I could give you a reason to opt for a formal dining. I think they're a MUST. Now a formal living on the other hand...

Anyway, send me an email at MRSkarbek at gmail dot com and I'll let you know about spas. I have a few thoughts and I hate to post them all!