Tuesday, March 4, 2008

15 Months Continued

(I just realized that this looks like he's working on a 'job', but he's not)

So we are still dealing with the flu at our casa. Thankfully, Aaron and I have stayed mostly healthy (little bit of allergy and sore throat issues but that's it). Aaron took off work today and took Caleb back in to see the doctor who said it's still just the flu and it is on its way out. In our opinion, it can't get out soon enough!!

Here are a few fun pictures from last week.

It was nice enough one afternoon that we were able to use the wagon Caleb received for Christmas to go on a walk through the neighborhood. We packed it up with lots of fun toys and, of course, a snack for the road. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed himself, but I am going to have our master engineer (Aaron) take a look to see if the wheels are aligned because I fought that silly wagon for control the whole way.

What would March be without that wonderful springtime tradition...Girl Scout cookies!! Ours arrived last week and Caleb was able to savor his first-ever bites of Thin Mint. He kept calling it a cracker but I had to explain how this was a COOKIE, and one of the best cookies ever made.

As you can imagine, even though he was in pretty good spirits, we did a lot of resting last week. Here's a cute picture of the two of us conked out.

And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the one that sums up our last 3+ weeks. If your 15 month old knows how to take his own temperature, he's been under the weather for way too long ;)

On another warm day, we spent quite a bit of time playing in the backyard. Initially, Caleb was unsure about walking in the tall crunchy grass but eventually figured it out and enjoyed following the dogs around the yard and picking up then throwing the baseball.
That's it for last week. Have a good one~


Goldsworthy Family said...

I love the last picture. We need to try and meet at the park one of these evenings with the boys when it's nice outside....if it ever gets that way again.

Meagan said...

Oh your poor little guy! At least it's almost Spring, and cold and flu season will be over. Good luck!

grannok43 said...

Caleb's hair looks so curly in that first picture, just like yours. Hope he is feeling better by now. You are right, these ol' worry warts worry when we don't get our Sunday night updates.