Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

Since people would probably rather see pics of our adorable son instead of reading all my wordy write-ups, I will try to keep this short, with just a caption to correspond with the following photos.

Caleb is beginning to really enjoy the park across the street. He loves the quack-quack.

Ever since we did the cry-it-out, sleep-through-the-night thing (it's worked every night with NO waking...knock on wood), he has become very attached to his blanket. Usually just when he's sleepy, though sometimes when he walks in his room and sees it in his crib.

Here's a video of Caleb preparing to eat:

Caleb got kinda quiet in his room the other day. I was able to sneak in with the camera to capture this moment.

The same day, I was drying my hair (I promise he's not really unsupervised, he's noisy enough that you pretty much know where he is and what he 's up to) when I heard a "thunk" against the wall. I walk in the living room to see Caleb inside his toy box.

Friday we joined my mom and sister at In the Raw. It was Caleb's first experience with sushi...not a big fan, but he did like the edamame and the itr salad.

He was a big helper on Saturday as I prepared the potato casserole for Easter dinner. He really got into smooshing the cornflakes for the topping.

All decked out for Easter Sunday at church.

He didn't really grasp the concept of looking through his whole Easter basket. Nevermind the Thomas the Tank Engine book and DVD, he went straight for the box of raisins.

Egg hunting was a process. He would find an egg, shake it to see if there was anything inside, then ask for help to open it so he could eat whatever goodies were in there RIGHT THEN.

This video shows Caleb discovering another egg, with a quick "please" in sign language", and snacking on the goldfish and M&Ms.

It was another great week and weekend, with fun times spent with Aunt Mo (who was on Spring Break) and Grandma and Grandpa Walton (who where in town for Easter).

Thanks to my family for a great Sunday, complete with mimosas (is that OK on Easter??), early b-day presents, and a 1/2 b-day 1/2 Easter cake. I guess if you have to share your celebration with anyone, splitting time with Jesus isn't too bad :)

I share my b-day with my good friend Heidi. We are made of the same fabric and are just a few years apart from being sisters. Happy birthday, friend!

Have a great week, everyone!

PS- Our 10 year HS reunion date has been set. Known anyone that graduated from BA in '98? Pass the link on the side column on to them!


Anonymous said...

Those are some nice khakis on Caleb!

Lisa said...

Sorry I neglected your birthday. Hope it was wonderful. I thought of you but have been a bit preoccupied lately.

Talked to your mama the other day. Our prayers join yours for her mission trip and your dad's. Love and blessings.