Monday, March 17, 2008

All About the Hair

Fairly uneventful week- thankfully!! Caleb made it through all three days of school happy and healthy. I am convinced that there is a direct correlation between how dirty he is when I pick him up and how much fun he had that day. The weather was nice enough that his class played outside quite a bit so he definitely "smelled like an outside kid", which was my mom's sweet way of telling us we were stinky when we were growing up.

Thursday was Caleb's 15 month checkup. He is over 97% (as high as the chart will compute) for height and head circumference and 71% for the weight. Aaron is thinking we might need to get out the protein shakes or Krispy Kremes to pack a few pounds on him :) He also got two shots but was a trooper. We went from the pediatrician's office to a haircut for Caleb with a few errands in between. I don't know if he was tired, hungry, or if the Tylenol from his shots was wearing off but he was not his usual happy-go-lucky haircut boy this time. It still looks cute and Michelle was so sweet to share her banana with Caleb in an attempt to keep him happy. Here's a shot of my spruced-up boy.

Friday morning, I left early to head to OKC then onto Dallas with my friend Mandy for a little R&R or, actually, S&S (spa and shopping). It was a great time of chatting, eating, laughing, and catching up. When Mandy sends me the pics, I'll post one of us in these really great aprons we treated ourselves to.
Aaron watched Caleb most of the weekend, except for during the workday Friday, when Grandma filled in. The boys had a fun time together, including dinner and time with our semi-famous friend, Nick, who is on the upcoming Bravo series, Step It Up and Dance. He was in town teaching at a Tremaine (sp?) Dance event. Caleb loved watching the instructors' performance on Sunday afternoon; Aaron said he was clapping like crazy.

Caleb is really getting in to bathtime these days...with one exception, he does not like it when I style his hair in funny ways. You can't really tell in this picture but he was very fussy about looking in the mirror and seeing something not-normal.
This week is Spring Break at school but I still work (love being "administration"). It is very low key and casual, so I was able to meet Aaron and our builder at the architect's office today. Yep, we signed a contract on the lot and will close at the end of the month!! It is very exciting...and nerve-wracking, stressful, etc. As most of you know, Aaron and I are both quite opinionated and stubborn so this house-building process will certainly be a lesson in cooperation, patience, and sweet spirited-ness.
Since I will probably not post again until next Monday, HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Have fun together building!! We're about to build for the 2nd time! Who's your architect? I LOVE our's! They let us see it in a 4-D movie thing! It's awesome!
Happy Easter!

Lisa said...

Wow. Look at all those teeth! Caleb is such a charmer.

Best wishes on the new house. It takes a great deal of cooperation and effort, but hopefully is worth it.

Happy Easter. He is risen indeed.