Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doesn't Feel Like A Weekend When You're Working The Whole Time

We've had several friends move recently and we were discussing the irony of how you fix up your house to sell it and move without really enjoying the benefits of fixing it up for yourself. Hmmm. But we are moving forward (for ourselves and/or the eventual new owners of our home) and making progress on our projects.

Aaron has painted the guest bath and our office. We've cleaned out and sorted through lots of stuff, taking lots to our new climate controlled storage unit. Why climate controlled, you may ask? Aaron would try to tell you it's for the candles and pictures we're storing there but the majority of the space is for his 23 (!!!) boxes of Sports Illustrateds and countless other boxes and binders of baseball and basketball cards. These precious mementos cannot be subjected to the cruel Oklahoma heat in our attic. I like to give him a hard time but it is amazing how much bigger closets look when they aren't filled to the brim with stuff. I put away all my winter clothes and the summer clothes I no longer fit into since I won't be needing them until after we move. Aaron got out my bin of maternity clothes from the attic but I haven't gotten into it yet (thank goodness for the flowy, peasant-style top that's so popular right now).

Perhaps most different has been the removal of our piano to it's temporary home (thanks BJ and Lisa!). Despite what pictures posted in past blogs may lead you to believe, we don't use it daily and it was taking up a LOT of space in the living room. So it is hanging out in South Tulsa for a few months in an effort to make our living room look large and open.

OK, enough typing and on to the pictures. My parents retrieved our camera over 4th of July weekend in KC so we finally have some pics. Some are from a month or more ago but they are too cute not to post. They should be from most to least recent, not that it matters much.

Mr. Adventurous Climbs the Ladder

Peek-a-Boo, Lilah

New TV-Watching Seat

Naked on the Slide

Naked Lawn Boy (he'll love me for this some day)

Balls Go Splash (not naked)

Really Close Up

Smiling in KC

Sharing (or attempting to) with Cousin Ada

And here are two videos. Aaron must have taken this first one as I've never seen it before. The funny thing is that there's probably 3 minutes worth of video of Caleb just doing this over and over, trying to figure out how things work.

The other is Caleb when we first got the Elmo sprinkler. He was not too sure about it. Now he runs straight for it any time he's in the backyard, regardless of if he's fully dressed or not. He's done the same with the sprinkler system that's been on in the yard a few mornings when we've walked Aaron out to his car to say goodbye. No concept of "hey, I'm in my pajamas which means I am not prepared for water play" for Caleb :)

Have a great week!