Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The First of Many...

Our excitement for last week happened on Friday night at Lowe's and we don't have pictures or video to show for it.

As shown in last week's blog, Caleb is very into racing these days. He was racing around Lowe's and we made the comment that we're surprised he hadn't bitten it yet. (Note to other parents: NEVER verbalize something like this... you doom yourself!) So, sure enough he goes running down the aisle and falls to his knees, then elbows, and topples forward on his head because of his momentum. We hurry over to pick him up and he is bleeding! Now, I will say that we stayed very calm (I was more calm the Aaron, FYI) but rushed him to the bathroom to get cleaned up. This was another interesting discovery - do you go in the men's or women's bathroom? We chose men's and, conveniently, it was empty. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped quickly and was coming from his nose, which, in my expert opinion, is better than his mouth, tongue, teeth, or lips. The nice guy from customer service followed us in the bathroom to make sure Caleb was going to be OK and got us his cold can of soda from the break room to put on his nose.

Everything pretty much paled in comparison after that, but it was a good week. I did go to a wedding with a totally inebriated groomsman, which was entertaining and mortifying. We also went to our Sunday School class Progressive Dinner. It is a pain to coordinate but is always a good time.

Here are a few fun pics from last week.

Caleb having fun in the sprinkler. He doesn't get that it is doesn't sting so badly when you're not so close to the spicket.

Caleb stuck behind the end table. He looks like he is having fun but, based on a video that's too dark to post, he really was stuck and got pretty frustrated.

Caleb having fun with my boxing gloves. He has really enjoyed some of the interesting things we've uncovered as we sort and pack up this house.

And, to tide you over until next week, here are two videos.

The first is of Caleb trying to figure out what to do with the gloves. His first guess is that they were a hat, so we showed him what they really were, but he ended up back with the hat/gloves.

The second is a short one of Caleb in his favorite chair, anticipating the start of Cars. He LOVES this movie and has started saying "Ca-chow" (what Lightening McQueen says in the movie) whenever you mention Cars.

It's hard to believe but I am already halfway through this pregnancy. Actually, more than halfway since I'll have a C-section at 39 weeks. We don't have a name yet and haven't really done any shopping as far as nursery bedding, clothes, or anything else. I am sure it will all come together just fine.

Have a great week!


Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Your pregnancy is going quickly!!

Email me on how to do a progressive dinner. I've thought of organizing one before, but have no idea where to start!

Anonymous said...

How horrible! I would have freaked out, I never handle situations like that well. Glad Caleb's OK!

Kimberly Wall

grannok43 said...

Feel free to use my name for your daughter, bet Aaron would love that. We would have the same intials ebw :)

Goldsworthy Family said...

Poor Caleb! Jett is also in to "one, two, free, weady, set GO!" and bashed his forehead on my mom's coffee table last Friday. Boys! Maybe your little lady will be more graceful:)