Monday, August 4, 2008

More and More "Boy"

There are times when Caleb is very sweet and mild-mannered, even shy. But more and more often, he will turn into this boisterous, adventurous, and half-crazy little man. Not that there is anything wrong with it (in the appropriate time and place, of course) but I can't figure out if it's just something that happens to all little boys or if he learned it from other kids at school with older siblings. One such example happened last week when we went out to look at the lot.

Caleb had already taken a bath and brushed his teeth. Aaron was going to look at the plumbing progress and so we all loaded up, went through McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae, then went to the new house. Caleb was content for awhile just walking along the concrete from the footings but then discovered a big pile of dirt "Whoa dirt!!" He drove his trucks along the edge of the pile for a bit, then decided it was more fun to crawl on top of the pile, roll down the other side, and generally get his pjs and with a sundae-sticky face now covered in sand. Thankfully our to-be-neighbor was out chatting with us and let us use his hose to spray Caleb down. Lesson learned: house first, bath later.

We have continued sorting and packing up unneeded things around the house. This does beg the question, "If you don't need it for the next few months, do you really need it at all?" We've been pretty good about choosing wisely between tossing/donating/packing up, if I do say so myself. I was way behind on putting away the clothes Caleb has outgrown so I tackled that over the weekend. Caleb was his usually helpful self, taking clothes out after I put them in and then getting into the storage bins. Not super productive, but very cute.

Part of packing up Caleb's old clothes meant going through bags of bigger clothes friends have given us. What a treasure trove of things that will fit this winter! Caleb's favorite find was a pair of Elmo slippers. Thankfully he can't get them on himself or I'd think he would wear them all the time.

Thursday Caleb and I got haircuts (as seen in pictures from later in the week) but Thursday morning I was combing banana out of his hair - don't ask - and thought it would be funny to put it in a ponytail. I showed Caleb, thinking he'd hate it and pull it right out. Instead he wore it around the house until it fell out then came back with the elastic and asked for me to do it "again". HA!

We went swimming at our friend Leslie's pool with some Sunday School girls and their kiddos this week. It was tons of fun and Caleb was a regular little water baby. It makes me wish that we had found time for lessons this summer, though I did hear that a gym in town does them year round and you don't have to be a member. Since I am turning into more and more of a whale, I might let Aaron take on that fun task with Caleb. They have several horses at Leslie's house so Caleb was totally enamored with them, until they came up to the fence and tried to lick him. Thanks Leslie (and Aidan) for inviting us over!

Here's Caleb wearing Aaron's sunglasses. What a big boy!

And here's Mr. Intellectual Aristocrat enjoying Caillou (ky-you) on TV. This pose totally cracks me up. Aaron never sits like this so maybe he picked it up from my dad or something?? Caillou is Caleb's favorite TV show. It comes on Sprout and PBS and he LOVES it. He has recently figured out how to turn on the TV in our bedroom and will sit down and ask for "ky ky" until you turn on one of the several that we have on DVR.

Caleb's class at Riverfield has been learning several yoga poses over the last few months. The only one I recognize when he does it at home is the "downward dog". He does it very well and always says "down dog" when he does it then stand back up and says "yeah!". Funny fella. Please disregard the Chuck Norris-like outfit; it is a random tank and pants that I paired together and called pjs.

We have a new roof on the current house so that's another checked-off item on our "to do" list. The new house has below ground plumbing in place and hopefully some progress will be made this week.

Sunday was Miss OK's Outstanding Teen Alicia Clifton's send off party. For those not in the pageant realm, it's a gathering of family and pageant people where the titleholder models the clothes she'll wear at national competition, answers questions from the crowd, etc. And there are always these yummy sugar cookies with cute pink crowns on them. Alicia heads to Orlando this week to begin rehearsals and the crew that will cheer her on (including me) leaves next week. Yippee!!

Several people have inquired about the name-choosing for baby girl Walton. Nothing yet, and we really haven't talked about it much. However, Aaron has threatened to send out a mass email to friends and family saying we've chosen "Wanda". So if you get that, please disregard. Nothing against the Wandas of the world, it's just not on my Top 10 list. We have started at least looking at bedding, etc. Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which I love, now carries baby things (at least on the internet - don't know about in store) so I've been perusing things online tonight.

Have a great week!