Monday, August 11, 2008

Wrapping Up the Summer

Quick post tonight as it is late and I am sleepy. We had a good week with some big progress on the house - a foundation!! If everything works out correctly, the framers should be out at the end of the week. Yippee!

Last week was Caleb's final week as a "Butterfly" at Riverfield. This week is in-service, so there's no school, and he'll be a "Frog" next Monday. What a big fella! His teachers shared several disks worth of pictures from the last semester and summer with us. Here are some of my favorites:

Telling Hannah the hamster "Hi"

Practicing his vacuuming skills

Digging in the dirt (they actually grew some plants)

Playing dress-up with hats in the Commons area

Shakin' some maracas (or jars of beans)

Drawing on the class-wide blue collage

Looking out from the playground "Hi big bus"

The first of many mud-pies

Passed out in his crib

We found a good deal on a lifejacket. It is for 30-50 pounds so we'll use it for the next million summers. Unfortunately, none of our friends will want to go swimming with us as there is a huge scary skeleton pirate face on the back. I didn't even look at the back of it until we were home; plus it was the only style left. Oops! Guess the point is that it saves lives, regardless of the undead figure on the back.

Speaking of undead, I have been sucked in to the Stephenie Moore "Twilight" young adult book series about a high schooler and her forbidden romance with a vampire. The first ones came out several years ago but I didn't become interested in them until last week. A co-worker lent me books #1,2,3 for my upcoming trip to FL. I read the first one in a day and 1/2 and polished of the second on Friday evening. I forced myself not to read the third over the weekend so I'd still have something to read on the plane. So good and intense and an easy read. And they are making a movie of the first book that comes out in December (don't think I haven't scoured the web for all sorts of additional info about the books, movie, author, actors, etc.). Highly recommended!

And the other time-consuming piece of our life is the OLYMPICS!!!
We don't paint our faces or anything but we're pretty huge fans, watching day and night and constantly switching among channels to make sure we don't miss anything. Aaron's going to have to keep me posted when I'm in Florida, for sure. Go USA!!!!!!! And Caleb gets into it too, learning all sorts of new words like "soccer" "volleyball" "swimming", etc. He might be rotting his brain with the TV on for hours at a time but it's only once every four years (or two, since we're pretty fanatical about the winter games too).
That's the scoop from us. Have a great week!


Meagan said...

I too am crazy about the Stephenie Meyer books. I'm just about finished with the 3rd and will start the new one soon. Who knew high school books could be so fun? Mom's been giving me a hard time about them, so I can't wait for her to read that you like them, too! :)

We have a friend who is building a house here in our neighborhood and he had an automatic camera set up to capture the progress on the house. It's the coolest thing because you can see so much progress over a short period of time, and you can keep an eye on everything when you're not there. I don't know how he did it, but I would I highly recommend it.

Enjoy your trip!

grannok43 said...

How nice that there are trees. Are there any on your actual lot? So excited for all the things transpiring for your little

Lisa said...

Hi Em. I was going to comment on the books but I see Meg beat me to it.:-)

Building a house seems to take forever. Ours is finally finished and we are in - more or less. If you have a great idea make sure to write it down and then act on it. Two weeks later it's probably too late to do anything about it.

We are also glued to the Olympics. I remember watching with you when you were little, too.

Found a great picture of you, Morgan, Meg, Kels, Shannon and Salena in Mom's things. I'll have to scan it to you. It's from the trampoline/dance days.

Bon voyage.