Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Many thanks to my cute hubby who was the blog's guest writer last week. Little does he know that now that he has shown his writing prowess, I'll be calling on him to fill in from time to time :)
But now I am back so here goes:

I had a great time in Florida for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant. Alicia (Miss OK's Outstanding Teen) got totally jipped by not making the Top 5, much less winning. But pageants are silly and subjective things and we are very proud of how she represented the state. It was great to vacation without Caleb, although it was very odd to board the plane without Caleb's bag, Caleb's snacks, Caleb's toys, Caleb's stroller, etc. Not to say that I wasn't glad to see my boys when I got home Sunday, but it was nice to stay up late, sleep in until 11:00, lay out by the pool for hours, pretty much selfish things I totally took for granted before Mr. Caleb arrived.

Monday was Caleb's first day of school. Here's a few shots of him getting ready to head out the door. (One difference between this year and last is that he was such a busy body Aaron had to take 20+ pictures just to get one good one). And please disregard the pink nail polish in his hand. I tend to underestimate his arm span so he ends up with all sorts of goodies from the bathroom counter.

And, for reference, here's a pic from last year's first day of school. Thankfully, Caleb did not have a blowout diaper on the way to school this year as he did last year.

Caleb is now in the Frog Class at Riverfield. He is really enjoying it so far. They spend lots of time outside with the other toddler class, the Turtles, which is fun because a lot of friends from his last year's class are Turtles. The big change going into this year was that the children all sleep on cots for nap time. I thought there would be no way that Caleb would transition easily from the crib to the cot. But he fell asleep the first day with just a little back-patting. The second day, he was the first one asleep and did it all by himself. Hopefully this will pave the way to a switch to a big boy bed before December. Our pediatrician has said that there's no reason to move him out of the crib unless he is trying to crawl out or unless we need the crib for Baby #2. I'd much rather buy a twin bed than another crib so Caleb will be getting the boot out of the crib sometime in the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Much progress is being made at the lot. Here's a double-purpose photo: 1) you can see how the framing is going 2) you can see how big I am getting. I will say that it is a blousy shirt and it was the end of the day, so I am not quite as huge as this pictures makes me look. When I was pregnant with Caleb, we took pictures every two weeks to document how big my belly was getting. You couldn't pay me enough to take a bare belly picture every two weeks now!! I will try to be better about getting in some pictures though or poor baby girl will feel left out.

Not too many pictures this week as we've been obsessed with the Olympics, which doesn't leave time for sleeping, much less taking cute pictures of your child! It is funny how everyone at work is drinking more caffeine throughout the day to make it through after staying up until the wee hours of the morning. At least it is over now and I can get back to a normal sleep schedule. In fact, Sunday night Caleb had his bath and was ready for bed when he changed up his bedtime routine. Usually he says, "Pass-pass. Lamby.", asking for his pacifier and lamb-blanket and then is ready to say prayers and go to sleep. Sunday it was "Pass-pass. Lamby. TV." HA!! Shows what we've been up to the last several weeks.

Think that's it for now. Have a great week! ~ Emily