Monday, September 1, 2008

Wanna Be Like Dadda

Caleb has sure been a Mr. Helper all week. Especially as his vocabulary grows, he says "help", "help mama", "help clean", etc. more and more often. He also wants to mimic many of the activities and words that we say, which I think goes hand in hand with the helping us thing. More on this later.

It was a good week at school with Caleb still resting well on his cot. And they must play a lot harder in the Frog class because he pretty much just passes out at bedtime, even if he's had a good nap that day. (No complaints here!)

Allergies were bugging all of us this week so it was pretty funny when Caleb started fake sneezing then asked for a Kleenex. Here's a short and sweet clip for your viewing pleasure:

We tackled several around-the-house projects this weekend and Caleb was very much a part of the action. Here's Caleb helping vacuum:

And here he is helping Aaron clean out the drain in the guest bath:

And here is one of Caleb attempting to walk on Dad's back. He was a pretty good walker/marcher as long as I could help steady him but found safer ground once I let go to get the camera out.

When Aaron blogged a few weeks ago, he wrote about Caleb learning to "beep, beep" if he was backing up in his bulldozer toy. Well, we did not anticipate him transferring that knowledge (I know, he's a genius), so we were quite tickled when Caleb was slowly stepping away from us one day during diaper change time and started "beep, beep, beep"-ing. Ha! I have tried several times to get it on video but no luck yet.

Another big adventure this week was the selection and purchase of a potty for Caleb. Believe it or not but he chose this basic green one over a fancy Elmo one and one that plays music. Who knew!?! Not to say that we're ready to never buy diapers again but he has expressed interest when he sees Aaron or me in the bathroom and is pretty good at telling us when he has gone #2 in his diaper so we thought we'd at least present the opportunity. No luck so far but he does get a kick out of saying "potty, mama" just to have me scurry around so he can sit on the potty for all of five seconds and do nothing. Note that he chooses to take the comfortable blue cushion off and just sit on the narrow hard plastic part. Whatever floats his boat, I guess.

One more video for the week. I don't even remember how it came up but I suggested that Aaron show Caleb how to do a somersault (I definitely am not a size where that would be conceivable must less comfortable!). Caleb was quite proud of himself in his gymnastics attempts.

Good doctor's appointment this week. Hard to imagine that when I go in next time I'll do the required 28 week glucose test then start going every two weeks for awhile then weekly. YIKES! I am still feeling good, though the weight I was so proudly managing has come on with a vengeance since my last visit. My hips have started shifting and grinding just like last time so I've reacquainted myself with our awesome chiropractor, Dr. Gloria Baese. She reminded me that my big body pillow called a Snoogle was very helpful last time. Here is Caleb enjoying the Snoogle as well.

Caleb actually visited the chiropractor too because he had said several times that his neck was hurting. She did a great job adjusting him and keeping him calm and now he says "neck doctor fix" or "neck all better". You long-time readers may remember that she worked wonders on Caleb when he was a newborn and super fussy because of tummy issues. If you're in Tulsa and in the market for a great chiropractor that uses the activator instead of manual adjusting, Dr. Baese rocks! (And she sends you flowers when you refer people to her!)
Yeah for a short work week, especially for a M-W worker like me!! Busy week with lots of new house decisions to make, like where you want your light switches to be. Gotta love it!
Have a great week!