Monday, September 29, 2008

Buster Britches

Buster Britches has always been one of Caleb's nicknames. Not sure how he got it but it's always sounded like a "rough and tumble" typical boy nickname. He is really just now starting to fit the Buster Britches mentality, I think. Maybe it's the cooler fall evening air, his age/stage, or the fact that I am pretty stinkin' tired by the end of the day and he's racing around, climbing all over the place, getting into everything with about a ton of sand in his shoes. This video is a good sampling of the pre-2 year old boy inhabiting our home.

Two things to point out about the video clip:

1) The bag is the bedding for Baby Girl Walton's nursery. Super cute, if i do say so. It is two tone pink and sage green paisley. The accent pattern is stripes in the same color. I think it will look quite nice with the black crib and furniture. Of course, she has no room to decorate at this point but thankfully she'll be too young to remember she was "homeless" for awhile :)

2) Yes, I know Caleb is wearing a striped shirt and plaid shorts. Last week was spirit week at school and it was mismatch day. It's pretty funny when they are so young that they don't get why mom's making them dress up weird.

All day that he wore the yellow and blue striped shirt Caleb kept saying, "Dada shirt" over and over, until I realized that Aaron has a polo that looks quite similar. Don't know how he ever put those two together... he must be MENSA material. When Aaron got home, Caleb walked Aaron into the closet and made Aaron take down his Dada shirt off the rack. We let him put on the Dada shirt, but he kept saying "too tight". OK, so maybe I shouldn't call MENSA quite yet :)

I can't remember if I've ever blogged about how Caleb has always said something that sounds like "Sho-shoes" instead of "horses". He added the word to his vocab fairly early on but never refined it...until this week. And he added a much more interesting horse imitation too. The video isn't super clear but you get the idea.

Caleb was a little under the weather this weekend. Most of his pre-school has been fighting a stomach bug and sore throat and he finally succumbed to it. But I felt like he was on the road to recovery Sunday afternoon so I took my semi-ill child to Veggie Tales Live (we had paid for the tickets after all!!). While the other friends that went with us were dancing in the aisles and really having fun, Caleb was quite content to sit in my lap or Grandma's lap and eat goldfish. He did have a good time, though. The second pic is very cloudy but you can see his cute smile and barely make out Bob and Larry in the background.

I can remember vividly when my sister was little she used to "read" Green Eggs and Ham. As her big sister I was very impressed until I realized she wasn't turning the pages in coordination with the words she was reading, that she had memorized the book with no concept of what words were on which page. We are seeing more and more of that from Caleb these days. Here's a video of Caleb and Aaron "reading" one of his bath books.

Good week with unseasonably warm temps. Today were Caleb's school pics and I went ahead and sent him in longsleeves and jeans just because the outfit was too cute. You'll have to wait and see it when it comes in - hopefully his hair cooperated!
Think that's it for now. Have a great week!